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Alex B
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Alex has written for blockchain focused tech publications as well as a variety of content clients including financial service providers, chemical manufacturers, and pest control service providers. Alex has performed copywriting and email content services for a variety of health food brands and sustainability products, as well as accounting software providers. Alex currently produces engaging manufacturing and logistics technology synopsis based on long-form survey and research reports, and has produced regular data focused internal company publications and public facing research.
High Tech


Cutting edge technology synopsis and reporting, research report synopsis, health food and sustainability copywriting, financial services content, research reports, other content writing


Blockchain, logistics, transportation, financial services, IoT, sustainability, geopolitics


Ithaca College

Alex attended Ithaca College and achieved a strong foundation in financial research, political analysis, and writing in a variety of styles.

High Tech

100 Projects Completed

Alex writes about the adoption challenges cryptocurrency faces as a means of everyday payment in the Chinese market, where mobile payment infrastructure is already robust and control over media access is strict.


12 Projects Completed

Alex has extensive experience writing about manufacturing and logistics applications for emerging technologies like IoT and blockchain. He's comfortable both writing about data analysis and performing the analysis and writing about the conclusions.


0 Projects Completed

Alex extols the virtues of using third-party market intelligence providers for employees in the procurement function. Emphasizes the value of having the data available and the benefits of not maintaining and independent database in-house.


0 Projects Completed

Alex provides an overview of the data passed through Communication Service Providers (CSPs). Taken from a larger article on CSPs, 5G, and IoT proliferation.

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