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NEW 9/11/2019
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Annie is a 2018 grad from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She studied journalism, advertising and public relations, and had minors in Spanish and psychology.

Somewhere in between running to interviews, pouring over advertising campaign assignments, memorizing verb charts and having her eyes monitored for extra credit psych studies, she figured out that copywriting and branding was my passion.

Now that she's reached post-grad life, she's already had a variety of different copywriting experiences. Her first foray into the "real world" was at a retail startup. There she wrote e-commerce copy about anything from toys to tools. She loved taking things like plastic bag holders and pool filters and giving them fun and engaging copy that left a mark on customers — maybe it's a bit too sentimental, but she thinks all items deserve a story that resonates with buyers.

Next she moved on to the world of higher education, where she writes copy marketed at everyone from prospective 15-year-old students to alumni. She has a strong understanding of the importance of a brand voice, and keeps it consistent across social media, printed media and radio.

After work hours, you’ll likely find her studying for her grad school classes, or taking a break to watch Seinfeld and pet her pup, Scout.
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Home Living


Social media, youth marketing.


Music, technology, social media, home living/decor, pets, cooking, fashion, beauty and fitness.


University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Annie graduated with a 3.8 in journalism, advertising and public relations with minors in Spanish and psychology.

Home Living

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This was an SEO-driven piece about a relatively "boring" product — a plastic bag holder. Thrilling! But Annie was able to have a lot of fun with it and speak to the customer in a youthful, exciting way about a product that wouldn't conventionally be the most thrilling.

Product Description

0 Projects Completed

As a content creator for a CBD company, Annie had to think of fun and exciting ways to write about the benefits of their extensive line of CBD products. This ended up being a very exciting project that allowed her to get creative, witty and sometimes silly with her content — all while still utilizing important copywriting techniques to capture the voice of the company and reach their SEO goals.

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