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Bob D
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Bob’s career has morphed between two seemingly diametric paths. On one hand, Bob has spent 30 years in the serious IT business. On the other hand, although his eccentric lifestyle is mainly supported by his income from IT, his true love has always been in writing devilish and sarcastic humor, an alternate reality to the straight-and-narrow world of engineering and computers.

On the IT home front, Bob has been involved in software projects ranging from the mundane to the very challenging for clients ranging from startups on up to Fortune 500 companies. Bob has fulfilled the majority of the roles in IT development including project manager, business analyst, quality assurance analyst, technical writer, and general “fill in guy” to satisfy the ever-evolving twists and turns of the computer world. All of these roles require considerable research and a finely-tuned client-facing writing style.

When Bob is really on a roll, he has found thousands of topics whereby he could employ his deliciously devious pen to rip apart whatever titillating topic he has chosen to attack for the day. His writings as a divorced man include a sarcastic book entitled “The lounge Lizard’s Guide to Marriage and Divorce.” This book is a primer for men between 21 and 40 that provides guidance to these men on the reality of the potential marriage snake pit, the horrors of divorce, and whether most men would be better off staying single for their entire lives.

Bob is currently creating a treasure trove of articles on his bizarre family that documents the numerous contributions of superb humor offered up by many of the crazed loonies in his family. In comparison to his own family, the Addams Family gives off the hue of traditional Midwestern values. Three of the male members of his family could easily pass for Fester, Lurch, and Cousin Itt, with their brains saturated with massive quantities of alcohol. In fact, his sister named the bizarre threesome the “Three Stooges” to provide an appropriate moniker to accurately depict their lunacy.
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Bob spends considerable time and effort writing books to improve life choices for young men to minimize the pains he personally encountered in his unbridled youth, creating humorous articles about his friends, associates and off-the-wall family, history, politics, business, playing golf, and attending drum & bugle corps contests.


NY University Polytechnic School of Engineering

Bob utilized his schooling to design ship's structures in his initial endeavors in the engineering field.


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Bob has simultaneously managed multiple IT projects from concept to delivery involved with healthcare (HIV/AIDS and oncology), energy (risk management and commercial operations), accounting, telecommunications, trade show exhibitors, pharmaceutical-microbial contaminants, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), including development of project estimates, generating the statement of work (SOW), defining budgets, gathering and documenting business requirements, identifying and resolving potential risks and issues, providing status reports to executive management and the client, and preparing change orders modifying the SOW.


0 Projects Completed

Bob has been writing humor for close to 30 years, inspired by the very funny people in his family, who inspired him to take up the mantle to capture hundreds of bizarre tales for posterity. Bob tried his hand at stand-up comedy with mixed results. Perhaps he was too insane even for that culture.

Web Development

0 Projects Completed

Bob has managed numerous application development projects for both enterprise and open software platforms for both small entities through Fortune 500 companies, ranging from development of estimates to statements of work to project planning to frequent status reports to the client/company executives.

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0 Projects Completed

In addition to managing numerous website development projects, Bob has developed significant new additions to a project manager's portfolio of tools utilized to manage projects.

Bob has designed a project manager's checklist, program management office (PMO) checklist, post project survey questionnaire, and business requirements to stakeholder's presentation, which have not previously existed.


0 Projects Completed

Bob has authored two books -- one on the unparalleled growth of government and examples of unacceptable waste -- and the other a primer for young men educating them on the reality of the marriage bed, the dire consequences of divorce, and how to live a very content life as a single man, if so desired.


0 Projects Completed

Bob is currently creating a history of articles that pertain to the very funny but often mentally unbalanced men in his family.

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