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An experienced writer in the world of marketing and more, Rebecca’s portfolio contains an extensive list of topics and formats. She is well-versed in the inbound marketing ideology, boasting HubSpot certifications in:

• Content Marketing
• Inbound
• Inbound Marketing
• Inbound Sales
• HubSpot Marketing Software

Her hands-on experience with the inbound methodology is evident in her writing. Not only does she consciously write for SEO purposes, but she intently laces every piece of content with an underlying “push” for the reader to remain engaged and take an eventual, desired action. (If the content doesn’t urge anyone to respond, then what’s the point?)

Most frequently, Rebecca authors and edits blog posts for small-to-medium sized B2B businesses and writes articles for lifestyle and business magazines, covering topics such as:

• Advertising
• Business Growth Strategies
• Company Culture
• Customer Experience
• Digital Marketing
• Education
• Event Marketing
• Food
• General Marketing Best Practices
• Healthcare
• Home and Garden
• Search Marketing
• Sports
• Traditional Marketing
• Various lifestyle topics

Rebecca is trained in strategically targeted writing and is comfortable adapting her language and style to specified buyer personas, as well as differing stages within the buyer’s journey. She possesses an inherent ability to adjust her writing to each, unique project at-hand. She remains within structured confines when appropriate, yet also thrives when given permission to express her creativity.

She has authored content in the following formats:

• Blog Posts (Short-Form, Long-Form)
• eBooks
• Guides/Checklists
• Infographics
• Magazine Articles
• One-Sheets
• Press Releases
• Product/Service Descriptions
• Social Media Posts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

Meticulous in her word choice and proofreading, Rebecca is a slight perfectionist when it comes to her work. (Sly remarks about her attention to grammar are really just compliments in disguise, right?!) Her organization and attention to detail landed her a previous role as a marketing agency’s Content Manager, in which she was responsible for the following duties:

• Developing content strategies (topics, titles, campaigns)
• Managing a database of freelance writers
• Providing writers with detailed outlines
• Editing and optimizing copy
• Uploading and scheduling final versions of content
Blog Post
Search Marketing
Press Release


Rebecca specializes in, but is not limited to, writing content in the following formats:

• Blog Posts
• eBooks
• Magazine Articles
• Press Releases

Topically, Rebecca has authored content for a variety of industries and subjects. She specializes in, but is not limited to, writing content for the following topics:

• Advertising (Traditional and Digital)
• Business Growth Strategies
• Company Culture
• Healthcare
• Marketing (Digital, Event, Inbound, Traditional, Search, and Sports)


Rebecca's interest in marketing and business topics is evident in her past work; however, she is also interested in writing about a variety of lifestyle topics, including food, education, healthcare, and more. In terms of writing formats, she is particularly interested in blog posts, eBooks, magazine articles, and press releases.


University of Memphis

Rebecca's collegiate studies included a well-rounded mix of both the business and healthcare industries. She received extensive education in marketing and general business practices, as well as hands-on training in clinical settings, giving her a wide-range of industry experience.


100 Projects Completed

The goal of this post was to introduce business owners and marketers to the concept and the benefits of inbound marketing. Rebecca did so by creatively presenting the idea that inbound marketing, unlike other outbound marketing methods, results in "fantastic" leads, or warm leads who are already interested in a business' products or services.


10 Projects Completed

In this project, Rebecca attended a roundtable discussion involving various community leaders with ties to the healthcare industry. The project included transcribing the full dialogue of the discussion, selecting relevant quotations, and constructing a final magazine article to summarize the discussion. The 3,000+ word piece appeared online and was the main feature of an established, quarterly business magazine.

Search Marketing

5 Projects Completed

In this project, Rebecca was required to promote a business' new digital targeting service, search engine marketing, or SEM. The goal of this blog post was to introduce the service, provide an overview of its functionalities and benefits, and urge readers to take action by requesting more information or speaking with a sales representative.

Blog Post

101 Projects Completed

Blog posts make up the majority of Rebecca's writing experience and for that reason, she is well-versed in strategic, SEO-minded writing techniques. In this particular blog post, Rebecca took a creative spin on a beloved romantic comedy, "How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days," transforming the topic into ten ways that businesses may be inadvertently losing their customers.

Press Release

5 Projects Completed

In this project, Rebecca was assigned a press release announcing a galvanized steel business' involvement in constructing a community baseball field. Preparation for the project included extensive research, as well as various interviews for quotations from the company’s staff. The press release appeared online and in a local newspaper in Glasgow, Missouri.


2 Projects Completed

For this project, Rebecca was tasked with taking a deep dive into the basics of inbound marketing. She was required to describe how the process works, shedding special attention on the fact that inbound marketing is an ideal solution for lead generation. The goal of this eBook was to make an unfamiliar audience become familiar with the inner workings of inbound marketing, inspiring them to take action and request more information on the methodology.

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