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Jonathan has had a passion for writing since he was a young child. While his classmates whined about required essays, Jonathan rushed home to delve into his words. This passion transformed into a career at the young age of 17, when Jonathan had his first screenplay optioned.

Throughout the years, Jonathan worked tirelessly to achieve his goals of being a full-time writer. It's with this passion and dedication that his goal was achieved.

Jonathan has cultivated a reputation for providing outstanding content for an array of clients and subject matters. As a professional content writer with seven years of full-time experience, Jonathan brings more to the table than an ability to string words together. Every project that passes along his desk is delivered with engaging information and an astute attention to detail.

Jonathan is well-versed in the latest SEO and LSI techniques to perfectly integrate desired keywords and key-phrases while not sacrificing on quality and information. He believes that first-page rankings can be attained while simultaneously providing readers with engaging and informative content.

He has perfected the skill of outlining, organizing and creating article campaigns to increase niche-specific authority, company brand and overall website visibility. Areas of Expertise: collect target demographic data, structuring data into campaigns , scheduling effective release dates for maximum SEM results and align content based upon the demands of social media platforms.

Jonathan has over 10,000 pages of content published through offline and online platforms. Publication Industries: fitness, nutrition, entertainment, electronics, herbal remedies, pharmacology, home improvement, pets, men's health, women's health, supplementation, weight training, weight loss and health care.



Part of what sets Jonathan apart from other writers is his wide array of specialties. While his specialties dramatically range, he excels at creating content within the following areas:

Natural Remedies
Weight Training
Herbal Remedies
Holistic Medicine
Weight Loss
Cardiovascular Training
Commercial Real Estate
Pet Training and Care
Hotel and Travel
Sport Injuries
Acting Techniques
Home Improvement


When Jonathan finally shuts down his computer after a long day, he fills his free time with love, laughter and meditation. An avid science fiction fan, Jonathan is often daydreaming of other worlds and creatures. When his eyes focus on his real world, Jonathan enjoys trips to the park, aimlessly driving and exploring his city.

Along with soaking in the little pleasures of life, Jonathan actively works on increasing his working knowledge within the health and wellness industry. His desk is filled with medical journals and holistic-specific manuals. He believes the Earth can heal any ailment. It's his goal to uncover the hidden medicinal qualities found throughout nature.


745 Projects Completed

As a child, Jonathan was one of the millions who suffered from being overweight. Throughout his young adult years, Jonathan dedicated his free time to exercising, but not just lifting weights. He spent years studying personal training manuals and integrating his own research into proven fitness routines. The result? Jonathan successfully lost nearly 100 pounds and has spent years spreading his knowledge among his social group.

In 2010, Jonathan began writing fitness-related content for, and swiftly developed a reputation for creating no-nonsense fitness guides for all experience levels. He is currently studying for his American Council on Exercise personal trainer certification.


575 Projects Completed

Jonathan believes it's the lack of proper nutrition that causes the bulk of common health disorders. It's with this belief that Jonathan has created over 500 pages of nutrition-related content. His specialty revolves around how nutrition can heal certain medical conditions. Jonathan believes Western medicine and Holistic practices can work together to create a whole and healthy body.

Jonathan has had his nutrition-related works published on, AZ Central Healthy Living and on various nutrition-related organization newsletters.


500 Projects Completed

Jonathan began his career in the entertainment industry at 15 years old. Since then, he's worked alongside A-List Celebrities and has had his works published by industry-leading magazines. Jonathan has worked directly with production companies and casting offices to create custom content geared toward promotion and education. Specialty areas include: technical writing for filmmaking, performance critique, acting technique guides and screenwriting-based content.

Jonathan is currently the owner and operator of two successful websites, which provide intensive training lessons for film actors and screenwriters.


275 Projects Completed

Jonathan has a deep desire to not only become healthier, but use his stored knowledge to assist the general public their similar quest. Because of this, Jonathan has spent half-a-decade studying medical journals and fitness training manuals to attain optimum health.

His desire to increase his own knowledge is only matched by his desire to increase the knowledge of those around him. All health-related content orders are written with true passion, which is evident in its depth of knowledge and easy-to-understand wording.


200 Projects Completed

Jonathan has driven from the East Coast to the West Coast, and back again, several times. Throughout his life, he's satisfied his true wanderlust. Along with pleasure travel, Jonathan worked as a commercial real estate researcher, which required travel from Florida to the Golden Coasts of California.


200 Projects Completed

Jonathan has spent years tending to his personal garden, as well as the gardens of his most beloved friends. Throughout this time, he's cultivated more than beautiful flowers and juicy tomatoes. His real world experience bleeds into his writing.


150 Projects Completed

Jonathan spent two years working directly in the appliance industry at one of the nation's largest appliance retailers. Throughout this time, he spent hours dealing directly with manufacturers and attending seminars to learn all he could regarding this ever-evolving industry.

Whether a client demands content describing the best refrigerator or creating hundreds of appliance-specific product descriptions, Jonathan has the real-world education and talent to create compelling appliance content - not an easy feat for many writers.


3,000 Projects Completed

Jonathan began his successful career as an article writer for several high-profile websites. Since this beginning, he has written thousands of articles ranging from pet care to holistic remedies. Jonathan enjoys the thrill of cultivating an easily digestible article filled with valuable information and void of disenchanting fluff.

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