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Maryse L
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15+ Years writing web content for legal websites. She currently writes copy for web pages and blog posts for legal websites. Her passion is to write about alternative health.
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Divorce, Annulment, Bankruptcy, Living Trusts, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Nutritional Supplements, Nutraceuticals, Superfoods, Ayurveda, Chinese/Oriental Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Midwife, Nutrition, Dietary Supplements, Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine, Medical Spas, Yoga/Qigong/Tai Chi, Self-help gurus, Life Coaches, Motivational Speakers


She likes introducing herself this way online: Writer, traveler, dinner partier, part- time yogi, holistic minded, lover of innovations, questioner of everything. Mind on fire!

She does yoga, hikes, cooks up healthy foods in her kitchen, writes and reads lots of fiction, self-improvement, and alternative health books.


University of Nevada Las Vegas

Maryse graduated from U.N.L.V. with a 3.8 GPA. Her major was English with a minor in Communication Arts. She has also completed the Accelerated Copywriter Program at AWAI, and taken various copywriting workshops over the years.


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Maryse has been writing legal copy, blog posts, and canned marketing emails for the purposes of gaining new clients for 15+ years.

She is available to write the above for divorce, bankruptcy, and living trusts, and annulments of marriage.

She writes in a user-friendly way, not a stuffy hard-to-understand legal jargon.

An attorney for whom she writes copy and blog posts on a regular basis has said: “Maryse can turn ‘legalese’ into layman language without losing anything in translation.”


0 Projects Completed

Maryse feels passion for all things that fall under the alternative healthcare umbrella.

She sometimes wonders why it’s called alternative care since for millennia it was the ONLY way healers treated people. Seems to her like that upstart “allopathic care” is the alternative since it came after, but to her chagrin, she doesn’t make the rules.

She’s the ideal writer for alternative health matters because she is a regular user of all things that have to do with alternative health care as well as nutrition. If she has a health issue, she sees a homeopath, naturopath, acupuncturist, or nutritionist first. Always.

She regularly devours information on new, as well as tried and true, ways to take care of the bodies that carry us through life.

She knows how to explain complex issues in layman language in her writing.

Web Page

200 Projects Completed

Maryse has been writing website content for the legal and health fields for 15+ years.

She has written content for hundreds of legal website pages, such as for divorce, bankruptcy, annulments, and living trusts.

She has also written content for several health-related web pages, namely for an acupuncturist, as well as articles on yoga and menopause.

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