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Katelynn graduated from Kennesaw State University in May with a BBA in marketing and a minor in psychology. She chose her marketing classes to be catered towards content creation, and that included a large amount of writing. She found her passion for marketing and writing through a digital marketing class where writing was the main focus. She has had numerous courses with emphases on writing, and she excelled in all of them.

While finishing her degree, she started a part-time position at a golf startup as an e-commerce copywriter and developer. This has allowed her to work extensively on her writing skills while expanding her knowledge on golf and various related subjects. She has written product descriptions for thousands of products under golf balls, technology, clothing, shoes, and CBD categories. She has also written blogs over numerous related subjects.
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Katelynn specializes in both short and long form blog writing, but she has extensive experience with academic writing as well. She is great at researching any topic, so nothing is too unknown of a subject for her to take on. Also, as a consequence of her experience, she is very knowledgeable about e-commerce writing.


Katelynn's main interests are as follows: Science, Technology, Golf, Construction, Pop Culture, Fashion, Food, Television and Movies, Travel, Art, and Beauty.


Kennesaw State University

Katelynn majored in marketing and minored in psychology. During her time at Kennesaw State, she was a member of the Kennesaw Marketing Association, a school club affiliated with the American Marketing Association. She was on the Dean's list twice as well as the President's List once, and she graduated Cum Laude.


30 Projects Completed

After kickstarting and maintaining a beauty and fashion blog for a semester-long project while she was in school, Katelynn found herself with a large amount of content she created in these categories. Out of all the content she has created, it is her favorite. Although she doesn't have formal knowledge on fashion, she has great consumer knowledge on clothes and shopping. She is also very familiar with the Poshmark app.


15 Projects Completed

Katelynn majored in marketing at Kennesaw State University, so it is a subject she has explored extensively. She has worked on dozens of marketing projects including, but not limited to, marketing plans, blogs, sales calls, social media campaigns, advertising campaigns, and marketing audits. Katelynn began working in the field of marketing when she started as an e-commerce copywriter at GLT Golf. There, she works on both product descriptions and blogs to promote products on the website. Although she does not write about marketing in this position, she is gaining more real life experience instead of just reading about marketing from a book.


10 Projects Completed

Katelynn's father is a heavy equipment manager, so she began learning about construction at a young age. When she was a junior in high school, she began working for a pipeline contractor in the Atlanta area, and she proceeded to work there until just before her graduation from Kennesaw State. She primarily worked for the accountants, but she also learned how to complete takeoffs for pipeline work. She worked closely with the safety manager as well. Her knowledge of construction is extensive, as it has been a lifelong pursuit. She has knowledge on boring, grading, all types of pipeline, heavy equipment, safety precautions and OSHA, vendors, materials, and extensive financial knowledge. Aside from her work for the contractor, she also interned with their marketing subcontractor. Here, she learned about social media practices and blog writing for construction.

Product Description

3,046 Projects Completed

Product descriptions were completely new territory for Katelynn when she started at GLT Golf, but she is now incredibly familiar with this type of content. She has written thousands of descriptions for golf products, and these descriptions were all written in HTML coding. There have been numerous types of products that required extra research. Each product she has written for required both a short and long description, so she has equal experience with both.

Blog Post

100 Projects Completed

This is Katelynn's favorite content type. Blogs are fun, and you can break the rules sometimes when it comes to grammar and punctuation. They are a lot of fun! Katelynn has extensive experience with blogs. Most of her school projects were related to blogs, and this is the skill she has worked on honing the most. Whether they are research-based or not, Katelynn loves working on this content type, and she can write these fairly quickly!


16 Projects Completed

During her time at GLT Golf, Katelynn has written numerous blog posts and articles. With the current trend of CBD products in golf, a lot of her current projects have been related to CBD. This means a lot of research is needed in order for a good article to be produced. Previous to this work, Katelynn also had to write articles for school projects regularly, and again, these required a lot of research.

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