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Mary W. has four years of professional writing experience that encompasses a broad spectrum of blogging, copywriting, article writing and news writing. Much of her work has involved the use of common SEO practices to foster better website rankings and traffic. She strives for excellence and believes in going the second mile in her work. "It is always an honor to be entrusted with a client's writing needs, " Mary says.


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Industry Projects

  • Travel100+
  • Health100+
  • Nutrition50+
  • Medical20+
  • Career20+
  • Entertainment20+
  • Education20+
  • Fitness10+
  • Business10+
  • Food10+
  • Bio/Pharm10+
  • Kids/Family7
  • Beauty4

Summary of Industry Experience


Mary W. has written on attractions and events found in different parts of the country. In addition, she has had a travel piece published in a national magazine -- Ideal Living.


Mary W. has written about health in a news as well as a non-news format. Her work in this area has been published in Natural News, Colgate and Live in the Now.


Mary W. has written about nutrition and diet in regard to how it influences general health and specific medical conditions.


Mary W. has written articles giving information on the treatment, causes and prognosis of medical conditions.


Mary W. has written articles providing information on how to prepare for a career or delineating what is involved in a particular career.


Mary W. has contributed music and theater articles to Today's Fan as well as written on local entertainment on blogs for Texas Advertising.


Mary W. has written a series of articles on online education as well as has contributed an article for the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy.


Mary W. has written articles on the health benefits of exercise such as how the activity can change your DNA. These have been published on Natural News and Live in the Now.


Mary W. has written business profiles for Community Link as well as contributed a few articles to DocsToc and a restaurant blog.


Mary W. has written on how to cook certain dishes as well as on general information about spices or cooking in a healthful manner.


Mary W. has written articles describing general infomation about medications, including side effects, dosages and uses.


Mary W. has written on topics that include bedwetting, kid's bedrooms, helping babies to sleep well, separation anxiety and parenting.


Mary W. contributed a few beauty articles to Daily Glow and Daily Glow News pertaining to grooming and personal care.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Article100+
  • Web Page5

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Mary W. has written numerous blog posts that have been published online. Topics include a wide range of categories such as health, travel and career.


Mary W. has contributed numerous articles on many topics to different online publications. They include Colgate, Fortis, Livestrong, WiseGeek and others.

Web Page

Mary W. has written website content for diverse businesses, including a furniture store, drug rehabilitation facility and remodeling company.

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