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Brian H
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Versatile writer and creator with nearly two decades of experience within the entertainment and media industries reaching millions of viewers and consumers across six continents. Proven success developing and directing content spanning multiple platforms including screenplays and teleplays, academic essays, cover letters, chapter summaries, consumer articles, writing prompts, how-to articles and press releases. Proficient in all aspects of digital communication, including high-impact web content and SEO optimization.

Additionally, a seasoned language arts educator with nearly twelve years of experience working with hundreds of students. Career tenure includes teaching creative and technical writing, conventions of standard English, critical reading and writing, contextual vocabulary, verbal reasoning, literary interpretation and English Composition and Literature. Solid success nurturing individual abilities and maximizing potential.


Digital and Social Media /Network-level reporting/Food-Film-Lifestyle Blogging/ Copy-Content Writing and Development/Copywriting/SEO Strategist/Screenwriting/Writer Training-Coaching/Creative and Technical Writing/Copyediting/Research/ Communication and Collaboration


Cooking, Gardening, World Literature, Travel, Fine Art, Yoga, Meditation, European and American History, Viniculture and Football (both American and that which Americans refer to as 'soccer').


Wesleyan University

Brian graduated with a degree in English Literature. His senior thesis was awarded honors. At the same time, his novella, 'Napoleon's White,' was published by Wesleyan University Press in the spring of 2000.

University of Miami

Brian graduated with a degree in both Screenwriting and Feature Film Producing. During his time at the University of Miami, he worked as a graduate TA in writing and production classes.


105 Projects Completed

Brian has executed and pitched over three-dozen screenplays, teleplays and digital projects for several renowned production companies and film studios. Clients include Hulu, Cinemax, Lifetime Television, Paramount Pictures, DMG Entertainment, The Solution, Aircraft Pictures, State Street Pictures and Brookwell-McNamara Entertainment. As the In-House writer and Chief Content Creator for Dolphin Entertainment, an international production company listed on the NASDAQ exchange, he oversaw and developed more than 25 original projects in a variety of genres. In this position, he was tasked with adapting several books, short stories, and articles for film, television and digital media. Brian also edited, rewrote and polished more than 20 screenplays and teleplays from freelance writers.


24 Projects Completed

Brian has provided a wide range of copywriting services for individual clients, businesses, publications, and websites. He specializes in crafting compelling and informative ad copy for various industries, including hospitality, retail and entertainment. While he is more than comfortable with a straightforward approach, he believes the skills he has developed throughout his career are best suited to tackling assignments from a creative angle. By focusing on the benefits of any given product, he prefers to let the features speak for themselves. His clientele routinely holds the quality of his original content and the speed with which he delivers it in equally high regard.


11 Projects Completed

For many years, Brian has taught creative and technical writing to national and international students alike at both the college and high school level. His expertise rests in the areas of Renaissance, 19th and 20th Century American Literature, writing for the stage and screen, Young Adult, the history of mystery and literary criticism.

He also has considerable experience preparing high school students for the writing, reading and analytical sections of standardized tests including the SAT, ACT and AP English. His tutelage resulted in significantly increasing standardized and achievement test scores for dozens of students.


33 Projects Completed

For nearly 20 years, Brian has enjoyed working steadily in film, television and digital media. In that time, he has a proven track record for developing and directing content a spanning number of genres including comedy, drama, thriller, crime, mystery and young adult. He has also worked on and created several telenovella stories and teleplays, launching acting careers for household names like Megan Fox and Rebecca Ferguson. Currently, he has six projects in various stages of development, as well as a film in pre-production. He was recently hired to adapt his first novel, a young adult murder mystery, for the production company that optioned the film rights.


22 Projects Completed

When writing articles, Brian believes style is every bit as important as substance. He has spent many years developing that style in the hopes that his articles prove to be simultaneously entertaining and informative. No matter the subject, he always attempts to draw a parallel between that substance and the world in which his readers live. He believes doing so helps forge a connection between them and the article that instantly draws them in.


6 Projects Completed

While most of Brian's copywriting work has called upon him to deliver clear-cut and concise copy, his catalog writing allowed him to indulge in his love of storytelling. Thus far he has exclusively worked on retail catalogs, but is more than comfortable tackling projects on anything from home decor to consumer electronics.

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