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Angel is well-versed in SEO writing, promoting his own websites with SEO articles for over five years. He is also a long time article contributor for a variety of content platforms, experienced in tackling projects for a broad variety of industries. He has taken on over 25 projects over the past 2 years concerning emergent trends in technology.


Angel specializes in writing comprehensive articles showcasing a variety of services in a broad arrangement of industries such as technology, video games, home improvement, shopping, travel and extended vacations. He also excels in writing detailed analyses of emergent technology trends and products as well writing updated outlooks on established products.


Angel is interested in technology trends sparked by the old guards of the industry as well as trailblazing startups.


New York Institute of Technology


4 Projects Completed

Angel has tackled comprehensive projects concerning both the emergence of trending apps as well as the ongoing integration and progression of older apps. Angel has tackled such projects both working alone and coordinating with a team. The projects were mostly short-term, lasting two to four weeks and totaling approximately 30 articles per project.


13 Projects Completed

Angel has tackled article creation for a broad variety of industries such as technology, travel, and professional services. He prefers taking on projects alone, but is not opposed to working in coordination with full-fledged team. Angel is mostly looking for short-term projects, lasting around two to four weeks, with a scope of around 30-40 articles per project.

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