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Erika F
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Erika has been a freelance writer for seven years and has a proven track record of providing clients with high-quality web copy, articles, blog posts, and product descriptions. Her work has appeared on the websites of several major national brands, many small business blogs, and in print newsletters and mailings. Erika is well versed in the latest SEO practices and writes with a clear style, while incorporating keywords and sticking tightly to client requirements. She takes the time to fully understand what a client is looking for and is committed to delivering top-notch content for every order.
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Erika is a skillful blogger, writing in a friendly and approachable voice about a wide variety of topics of interest to the general public. She has years of experience with writing clear, informational pieces that can help the average person learn enough about a topic to feel confident making decisions. Her work also extends to highly optimized web copy, including product descriptions, SEO titles, and meta descriptions. Some of her favorite topics to write about include personal finance, home ownership, funding college, gardening, health and wellness, cooking and nutrition, and family.


Erika enjoys cooking and vegetable gardening and combining these to make simple and delicious meals, especially vegetarian and vegan ones. She spends time outdoors as much as possible and especially enjoys swimming and hiking. Erika is on the board of her neighborhood association and volunteers in the local elementary school. She loves hanging out with her family, building block towers, laughing, playing board games, and making memories worth remembering.


California Polytechnic State University -San Luis Obispo


3,005 Projects Completed

Her writing style in this industry is very approachable, while maintaining a high attention to detail and accuracy. She has written about many topics in this industry, including debt, investing, retirement, taxes, budgeting, and tracking financial data.


2,001 Projects Completed

Erika has been cooking for her family for more than 10 years and always enjoys trying new recipes. She has a vast knowledge of ingredients and cooking techniques and specializes in healthy vegetarian cuisine.


2,000 Projects Completed

Erika has worked with young children for over 10 years and specializes in coming up with ideas for creative craft projects for children. She enjoys developing projects that truly engage children in the process of creating, while sliding in some learning on the side. She believes that arts and crafts are critical to the development of children, and that they should be an integral part of education at home and in schools.

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3,056 Projects Completed

Erika's skill as a blogger is seen in her ability to engage readers in a topic from the very first sentence. She has blogged for a wide range of companies, including banks, marketing agencies, medical offices, home improvement contractors, and home living stores. She incorporates keywords into the text to increase search engine visibility and writes content directed at the targeted audience of the blog. Her posts are informative and have a voice appropriate for the audience, which ranges from comical to technical, depending on the blog


2,014 Projects Completed

Much of Erika's work experience has been in writing short articles of 200 to 1,000 words. She researches the topic, using client-recommended resources if applicable, and crafts the information into a compelling and accurate article. She puts her own spin on the topic, bringing her understanding of the subject to consolidate and comment on the facts.

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212 Projects Completed

Erika has written web pages for many types of companies, including full websites for a roofing company, a merchant processing service company, and a property management company. She digs deep to understand what a company's strengths are so she can accurately express them in writing. Erika is very experienced with incorporating keywords to improve SEO for web pages, and she can write titles and meta descriptions for each page.

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