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Robin's most recent professional writing experience is in the aerospace/defense industry. As a Department of the Navy contractor from 1989 to 2006, he wrote many position papers on international politics and technical papers on various systems. He currently is writing both a science fiction novel and a memoir of his experiences overseas. He has been an essayist and poet. He published his first poem at age nine. His latest and perhaps most validating passion is romance writing. A Wechsler IQ exam listed his primary talent-center professional proclivity as editing. He has edited and written technical papers for the aerospace industry recently.


Aerospace and defense, firearms and weapon systems, international politics and military affairs. Romance and love letters. Extremely detail-oriented editing.


Science and engineering, science fiction, poetry, history. Women. Editing.


Fulbright Institute of International Relations, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Double major with concentration in Russian/Soviet Studies.

Defense Language Institute, Monterrey, CA.

German, Russian, Ukrainian, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic, Pashtun, Urdu (some before and after attendance).

Armed Forces Staff College, Norfolk, VA / Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.

Under auspices of AFSC, hosted by Cornell.


12 Projects Completed

Initial professional work was as political analyst for USN/USMC intelligence organizations. Later, technical and scientific matters related to defense technology were added to portfolio.


4 Projects Completed

The educator's main contributions comprised middle school-level history and science curricula. Notably, the former started with ancient and classical civilizations, which most pre-collegiate students deal with only cursorily. The latter connected scientific innovation to historical contexts.


3 Projects Completed

Both military and civilian-sector systems make up the primary career examples. One orbital system, one naval and one private-built aerospace example are prominent.


3 Projects Completed

The romance author in question began his career by writing sincere letters to paramours overseas. Through personal contacts, paid jobs materialized as a romance writing consultant ala Cyrano. The author has since compiled his original letters into a book as a memoir on the kinds of women he had known in his travels called "The Gratitudes".

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