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Lisa K. is an experienced online copywriter with six years of full-time experience. She has successfully completed thousands of articles in that time in dozens of different categories. Lisa enjoys building relationships with clients and surpassing their expectations for content creation. This recent client recommendation sums it up best:

"I have been working with Lisa for several months now and am very pleased to have found a professional, friendly, and willing writer like her. The company I work for offers marketing services for medical professionals and we are always in need of informative and well-written content for our client's websites. Lisa has been consistently delivering exactly what we ask for no matter how difficult the research and writing assignment may be. Apart from her very accomplished writing abilities, Lisa's timeliness is second to none and has been a huge asset to our relationship."

In addition to a bachelor degree in journalism and mass communication, Lisa completed a SEO Certification Course taught by Heather Lloyd-Martin of Success Works. She earned her certification in 2015.


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Lisa K's Health Industry Experience

500 Projects Completed

This is for an online medical directory for doctors offering bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and other holistic health solutions.

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  • Health500+
  • Finance100+
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  • Women100+
  • Self Help100+
  • Medical20+

Summary of Industry Experience


This blog post is for a California attorney. Since he did not pay for it, author retains copyright. Title is Information on Wage Benefits for Injured Workers in California.


This is for an online medical directory for doctors offering bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and other holistic health solutions.


This is an article written for a client that provides factoring and other alternative financial services.


This is a recent work sample on a series of articles regarding health conditions that make it more difficult to obtain life insurance.


This is a brief excerpt from an article about women's hormones and how bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help to balance them.

Self Help

Highly rated author of a self-help book for women in emotionally abusive relationships. This is an excerpt from one of the tactics described in the book.


This is from a medical directory for doctors offering the HCG diet, which is a combination of very low caloric intake and injections of a pregnancy hormone.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post50+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Currently create business blog posts for several individual clients as well as on a personal blog that receives several thousands hits annually.

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