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Wendy writes on a variety of topics with health and environmental topics being her most common subjects. She has most recently been published on both eHow.com and Livestrong.com. Wendy specializes in health, fitness, diet and alternative therapy pieces.


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Wendy was published on both eHow and Livestrong sites
She has a strong background in the medical and healthcare industry. As a Natural Health Consultant and First Responder, she is required to know the limitations of both herself and her client. With a Master's Degree in Natural Health, she has learned much of what causes disease and much more about what reduces it's effect on the body. Wendy enjoy the learning process and also likes to teach others what she's learned.


Wendy was chosen as one of the original writers to create the content for the LiveStrong.com website. During the period she worked for them she submitted over 200 articles in the areas of health, fitness and a variety of medication and procedural reviews.

For the past five years, Wendy has also been a contributor to the Helium.com website. Over the last two years, She was named Channel Manager for both the Alternative Therapy Channel and the Health & Fitness (Other) Channels.


Autopsy Magazine online publication
Wendy has worked with bands and venues for the past 10 years as a freelance promoter and booking agent. She loves working with the musicians and many times, will find herself writing articles for them in addition to promotional materials they may need to get their names out there.
Wendy also like to stay informed about the industry as a whole. She has a wide range of musical interests and likes to be able to help an artist find their niche.


Helium has been a place for Wendy to write about all of her interests. Spirituality is a part of who she is and what makes her able to do the work that she does. Other than writing, Wendy is a Natural Health Consultant. Dealing with natural healing and healthcare is a unique way of looking at healing and the human body. It incorporates all aspects, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.
Her beliefs give her firm ground to stand on when working with others and allowing them to make wise decisions about their health and the care they need.

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Wendy has written articles on several topics including legal, environmental, technical, business, health and fitness. She has experience in page ranking, SEO, formatting as well as writing creative and engaging contact. She continually produces well-researched and informative articles on a variety of subjects. She can effectively write articles for websites, blogs, emagazines or any type of publication.

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