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Shannon B
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Riverview, FL
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Shannon has written marketing content, web content, brochures, e-books, and more for clients in a wide array of industries. She has a BA in English and focuses on producing quality work for her clients. She has written in US English and UK English, while also producing work for clients in such locales as Australia, Canada, and South Africa. She loves what she does and it shows in the work.
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Shannon specializes in marketing, food and beverage, and children/parenting. She has also written a number of books in such categories as romance and erotica, ensuring that she is the right person for more adult topics.


Shannon has a number of interests, including cooking, baking, traveling, and writing fiction.


University of Central Florida

Shannon attended the University of Central Florida, where she was an intern for the Florida Review literary magazine. She graduated cum laude with a BA in English.


150 Projects Completed

Shannon spent over 15 years in the food and beverage industry, working her way up from server to manager. She has worked in the front of the house and the back of the house, having a strong understanding of both. Further, she has worked with restaurant owners to make improvements in their menus and their digital marketing campaigns.


100 Projects Completed

Shannon has worked with a number of marketing firms, including those that specialize in search engine optimization, landing pages, and digital marketing campaigns. Over the years, Shannon has also written several novels and worked to market them.

Product Description

75 Projects Completed

Shannon has worked with a number of department stores and online merchants to produce product descriptions. While some clients provided a link that included descriptions, others would only provide a photo to go by. Either way, Shannon produced flowery descriptions to ensure that they marketed to the intended demographic.

Blog Post

0 Projects Completed

Shannon has written blog posts for clients around the globe. Virtually every industry has been covered, from adult dating websites to plumbing and everything in between. Research is always done to ensure that the blog posts are authentic to the industry and/or region.

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