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Jaylee J
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What will you remember more: a statistic about emergency room wait times, or a heartwarming piece about a woman whose son's life was saved by the quick response time of the doctors who attended to him?

Jaylee is a storyteller first and foremost, with over six years of experience in fiction writing, but apply those same skills to your blog articles, sales copy, or product descriptions, and you have a recipe for success.
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If you need a writer who can spice up your copywriting with imagination, Jaylee is the writer for you. She is pop culture savvy, has her pulse on the latest trends, and is well-suited to writing for younger audiences.

Jaylee also has relationship counseling experience, and earned her degree in psychology. She would be perfect for writing humorous advice columns, especially for LGBTQ+ audiences.

When it comes to blog posts and articles, Jaylee has written primarily about video games, nerd culture, online dating, and LGBTQ+ issues. Whether it's writing about popular mobile games, how to manage your polyamorous relationship, or which new TV shows have the best lesbian characters, Jaylee addresses all topics with humor and flair.


Aside from all things geeky and fun, Jaylee holds a degree in psychology, and is interested in why people do the things they do. She also has an extensive knowledge of makeup products and beauty tips, and she loves dogs and pets of all kinds.


Evangel University

Jaylee attended Evangel University, achieving most of her degree in a shortened three-year timespan. She studied both literature and psychology, and won first place in the campus-wide 2009 writing contest.


22 Projects Completed

Jaylee has been writing about video games for over a decade, and has spent the last two years writing for a mobile game studio.


14 Projects Completed

Jaylee was the sole contributor to a popular blog, Polycule, sharing stories of "adventures in online dating," which released a new post every other Wednesday for over a year.

Self Help

8 Projects Completed

Jaylee has written blog posts on motivation, self-care, understanding your needs, and listening to your body for nearly a decade.

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38 Projects Completed

Jaylee has written blog posts and listicles on dozens of subjects, all written in a conversational and entertaining voice.

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6 Projects Completed

Across all of Jaylee's Twitter accounts, she's posted well over 50,000 tweets, and is extremely familiar with the platform.

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