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Sarah Naidoo is a 23-year-old freelance writer with a passion for words and an aptitude for research. She has a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Genetics from the University of KwaZulu Natal.

Sarah has worked on multiple projects writing for academic journals while studying. She has previously worked as a freelance writer for Livingston research for three years. Working for Livingston Research involved producing written orders of an academic nature. She has worked for Mango5, a recruitment company, as a resume writer for five months. Sarah was most recently employed by AmoMedia as a content creator, writing blog posts, and articles on entertainment and news.


Sarah Naidoo's specialties as a writer include academic writer, content writing, and resume writing.

As an academic writer, she is able to research academic topics, from a variety of subjects, with ease and precision. Her writing is clear and concise with special attention given to referencing. She is familiar with all academic referencing styles, as well as academic formatting.

As a content writer, Sarah strives to produce engaging and exciting written content. She has a strong and adaptable writing voice, which is conversational and professional. Content writing requires a knowledge of current events and the ability to make mundane topics interesting. She utilizes her writing skills to create content that is comprehensive, fact-checked, and well researched.

Sarah's experience as a resume writer has taught her the ability to organize and convey information using a persuasive writing voice. Her persuasive writing voice is encouraging and light-handed.

As a writer, Sarah has excellent spelling and grammar, as well as punctuation. She is able to structure my content in a way that is understandable to the layman, as well as interesting to the reader.


Sarah Naidoo is interested in the opportunity to research, learn, and write about topics outside of her comfort zone. Gaining new information about current affairs, academic topics, and news will build her knowledge base as a writer.

She is interested in academic writing projects in any theoretical topic (e.g. Humanities and English). However. due to her educational history, she has extensive knowledge of Science concepts involving Chemistry and Biology. She is comfortable writing scientific projects within these areas. Sarah is interested in content writing projects that involve entertainment news and media, as well as blog-related content. Opportunities to write resumes are also welcome.


University of KwaZulu Natal

- Majored in Biochemistry and Genetics
- Knowledgeable in research mythology
- Knowledgeable in academic writing and formal journal writing


200 Projects Completed

Worked as a resume and cover letter writer for a recruitment company called Mango5, for one year.


66 Projects Completed

Worked as an academic writer for Livingston Research for 3 years.


15 Projects Completed

Worked as a content writer, producing entertainment and lifestyle articles for AmoMedia, for five months.


15 Projects Completed

Writing entertainment and lifestyle articles for the website, AmoMedia. Entertainment articles about celebrity news, Hollywood news, and music industry news. Lifestyle articles about beauty, fashion, and health.

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