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Medical: Susan has extensive experience as an RN, having worked in a variety of healthcare settings, including the ICU, a plasmapheresis center, and physicians' offices. She was a quality assurance manager in a skilled nursing facility and a manager of corporate compliance for an HMO.

Writing and publishing: Susan has extensive experience in medical researching aind writing. She is the author of two college-level, allied-health textbooks for Pearson/Prentice Hall (Medical Language: Immerse Yourself, 5th edition, 860 pages, 2020; and Understanding Pharmacology for Health Professionals, 6th edition, 640 pages). Susan has worked collaboratively with physician authors in the development and editing of funded grants, medical textbook chapters, and medical abstracts and journal articles.
Susan has also indexed a number of medical and technical textbooks.

Education: Susan created all of the educational components for her two published textbooks, as well as the on-line ancillary products. She helped develop a nationally marketed educational and training program, wrote over 40 journal articles pertaining to that, and was a guest speaker at many national training seminars. As an adjunct professor, Susan taught courses in medical terminology, pharmacology, and human diseases at a community college and helped gain initial accreditation for its medical assisting program.


Medicine, medical publishing, education


Medicine; medical editing, writing, and indexing; adult education and curriculum development


Norwich University (MA); The Pennsylvania State University (BSN)

Susan graduated from Norwich University in Montpelier, Vermont, with a Master of Arts degree with an emphasis on adult education and curriculum development in the medical field.

Susan graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing (BSN) in 1973.


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Susan created chapter learning outcomes, exercises based on real-life patient records, chapter quizzes, test bank questions, answer keys, an Instructor's Manual, and on-line ancillary educational and testing materials for her two Pearson/Prentice Hall textbooks.
1. Medical Language: Immerse Yourself
2. Understanding Pharmacology for Health Professionals

As an adjunct professor in the School of Health, Wellness, and Physical Education at Anne Arundel Community College, Arnold, MD, Susan created course syllabi, objectives, and weekly assignments and taught courses in medical terminology, pharmacology, and human diseases.

Susan helped to create the documentation for the initial accreditation of the community college's medical assisting program.

For a nearby private school, grades K through 8, Susan edited and offered creative suggestions for the content and images of the accreditation documentation, which subsequently won a regional award.


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As a healthcare professional, Susan has worked in a variety of healthcare settings and held positions as an intensive care nurse (neonatal and pediatric), a plasmapheresis nurse, a medical transcriptionist, a writer for an anesthesiologist, a nurse in a dermatology/ENT physicians’ practice, a skilled nursing facility’s manager (quality assurance, credentialing, and medical records), and an HMO’s manager of corporate compliance. In that position, Susan was responsible for credentialing of participating physicians, inspecting their offices for compliance with standards, and creating documentation for the initial national accreditation of the HMO's utilization management department.


0 Projects Completed


60 Projects Completed

Susan is the author of Medical Language: Immerse Yourself, 5th edition, 860 pages (Pearson, 2020) and Understanding Pharmacology for Health Professionals, 6th edition, 640 pages (Pearson, projected copyright date 2021).

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