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Richard has always enjoyed writing. Around 2007, he became interested in learning how to make a living online. He toyed around with affiliate marketing, Internet marketing, and several multi-level marketing ventures. One day he stumbled upon an ad that mentioned writing content online and found platforms in which to apply - the rest is history. Richard has written professionally now for many years. He has also found that the research involved in subjects he is less familiar with, is a great way to learn new things.

Richard is willing to write content for just about any subject or category. He does have experience in the categories he has listed but is not limited to just those. He understands very well how to do research online for the subjects he may need some factual information. When he researches a subject, he uses more than one source and makes sure the sources he uses are reliable and professional. Richard loves writing and is looking forward to working with you and providing you with great, professional content.
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Content writing including articles and blog posts, ghostwriting, SEO, e-mail campaigns including newsletters or autoresponder series letters, product descriptions and reviews.


Online marketing, current news, music, trends, politics.


350 Projects Completed

Before concentrating on a writing career, Richard's first attempts at running a home-based business were based on marketing. But he also points out that our whole life we are surrounded by marketing.

"It comes in handy having a background in marketing to succeed in most areas and industries these days". He also adds, "Marketing is a tool that we all use at one time or another to build our brand and popularity."


60 Projects Completed

As well as needing humor in our lives, Richard has also always thought that music is another essential ingredient that everyone needs. Richard has spoken often about the effect of music in his life. From church choir as a child to playing keyboards in bands, and eventually becoming a DJ, music has always been a vital part of his life.


34 Projects Completed

Richard believes that humor should be looked for every day. He says that people today are not only too serious but they are also way too hectic. Richard always takes some time for a "humor break" to help eliminate the stress that can come about occasionally. He passes this information along to folks and sometimes even writes his own humorous content.

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125 Projects Completed

Richard learned very early in his writing career that it's essential to be experienced in product reviews and descriptions. He found out that this is one of the most requested jobs that a freelance writer will come across.

He says that there will never be a shortage of people selling products online that are seeking a good, honest review of their products.

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