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Laura M
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Creative, analytical, and extremely detail-oriented, Laura views every piece of writing as a complex puzzle that must be precisely put together to accomplish any given objective. From long-form to short-form, she's a chameleon who’s able to adopt any brand voice. Topics that aren’t already firmly in her grasp, she'll capture with exhaustive research.

The majority of Laura's career has been spent at ad agencies, which were comprised of tight deadlines, high expectations, and absolutely no room for error. Through these experiences, she learned how to effectively write everything from emails and websites to blogs and social captions. She loves immersing herself into new worlds and using every tool in her belt — from humor to heartstrings — to create original, unique content that captures the attention of customers.

Working under pressure comes naturally to Laura, and she has learned how to maximize her productivity through her experiences managing multiple clients. Multitasking, prioritizing, and meeting deadlines are all skills she has mastered due to her time spent working at ad agencies and freelancing. Laura's passionate about learning everything she can about customers to create content that resonates with their innermost dreams and desires.
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Writing, content writing, blog writing, editorial writing, web writing, article writing, copywriting


food/drink, marketing, consumer goods, spirituality, news


University of North Texas

Laura has a BA in public relations with a minor in psychology. She graduated with a 3.9 GPA.


5 Projects Completed

Working in the marketing industry for 3+ years, Laura has gained deep, personal insight into various trends and techniques while creating her own unique perspective on how to attract customers. A professional copywriter, editor, and social media creator, Laura's professional experience — combined with her innate creativity — allows her to educate others in a way that is meaningful, impactful, and most importantly — memorable.


4 Projects Completed

As a writer for Goodness and The Dealey Group, Laura was responsible for multiple food and drink-related articles. A foodie at heart, she loves to talk about the latest food and drink trends in the U.S.A. (and beyond). Scoping out the best food and beverages is her forte, and she enjoys helping readers find their new favorite restaurant, product, or brand.


3 Projects Completed

Laura's work with Goodness, a Dubai-based lifestyle blog, has involved multiple spiritual-based articles centered around manifestation, The Law of Attraction, and a healthy lifestyle. A spiritually-minded person, Laura enjoys sharing personal insights while encouraging readers to follow their own unique spiritual path.

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100 Projects Completed

Beginning her career in social media management, Laura has created social media content for a variety of brands. From a marketing agency and a restaurant to a gym and a home services app, Laura has learned how to seamlessly adapt her voice to any brand. Short, snappy, and occasionally witty, Laura's social media writing style is based on each company's unique customer demographic. As many of us know, the best way to attract a customer — is to speak like them.

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50 Projects Completed

Throughout her career, Laura has written blogs focused on a variety of industries. Currently, she writes lifestyle blogs for Goodness, a Dubai-based lifestyle blog. These blogs cover a range of topics, including events, food and drinks, spirituality, health, and wellness. Blog writing is one of Laura's top skills, and she enjoys finding new and creative ways to educate and entertain readers from all walks of life.

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20 Projects Completed

Laura first learned how to write email copy at Javelin, an advertising agency based in Dallas, TX. There, she was responsible for writing emails for AT&T and Citibank. During her time there, Laura was exposed to numerous objectives, offers, and seasons — all of which challenged her ability to think creatively. Skilled at concepting, Laura enjoys transforming a deal, promotion, sale, and more into an engaging experience for a variety of audiences.

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