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After graduating Roanoke College with a degree in Creative Writing and Criminal Justice, Andrew's writing expertise was a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, he had a strong background in analytical, detail oriented writing which was required in Andrew's law and sociology classes which were a part of his Criminal Justice curriculum. On the other, Andrew had a background in writing which strove to evoke emotions and create a world in his Creative Writing classes. Ironically, Andrew found that a marriage of these two skillsets was beneficial in his future career as, in creative writing, detail oriented thinking evoked stronger and more tangible emotions. Similarly, Andrew's analytical writing benefitted from writing with more conviction.

This marriage has been most beneficial as Andrew began writing in the entertainment industry. He was given many screenplays and books and asked to produce coverage for both. His ability to recognize good theatrical and emotional elements as well as convey them in a concise analytical manner made him invaluable to the producers he worked for.

From there, Andrew began to write screenplays in small independent projects and has since begun to freelance for blogs, corporate writing gigs, and has dabbled in ghost writing. Andrew has run the gamut from comedy writing to product analysis. This experience contributes to his own personal style which, he hopes, his clients will find unique and refreshing.


Film Coverage and Screenplays. Movie and book analysis. Leisure and travel blogging and analysis. Product advertisement and Marketing.


Andrew has a great love of sports, having wrestled and played soccer in high school and he played rugby at the college level. He enjoys football and basketball and greatly enjoys the sports culture which surrounds sporting events and tournaments.

Andrew is also interested in adventure, travel, and local bars and restaurants. He has driven across the United States three times and has relished in his experiences at local watering holes. Speaking with locals is a passion of Andrew's (though at times he admits not everyone was eager to speak with him). Beyond his drives across this continent, Andrew has visited Europe and South America (having been Colombian-born) and is currently training to climb Mount Denali, the highest point in North America. He keeps a journal of his travels and absolutely loves when any of his friends or associates finds a unique hole-in-the-wall or new bar which has a unique spin.

Finally, Andrew's last big passion is tv and movies. This may go without saying as he began his career in tv and film production. Beyond that, however, most of Andrew's favorite films are small independent films which are strongly character-driven beyond all else. He is a big fan of The Duplass Brothers, the Coen Brothers, and The Nolan brothers (Christopher Nolan and Jonathan, or Jonah, Nolan). He must admit,he also has a weakness for comic book movies (though many of them are ripe with creative merits which go far beyond the hype and glamour) as well as the Star Wars movies; despite their slow decline (Rogue One notwithstanding which was a phenomenal addition to the franchise in Andrew's humble opinion). He loves character-driven comedies like The Office, Parks and Rec, and How I Met Your Mother as well as irreverent comedies such as Family Guy, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Archer.

As with Andrew's writing experience, he believes his own personal interests contribute to his unique style. There is something in most fields which interest Andrew and he absolutely loves loves loves to learn.


Roanoke College

Andrew achieved a degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Pre-law. Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Civil Procedure, and The Supreme Court justified this pre-law concentration in addition to his studies in Criminal Psychology and multiple sociology classes pertaining to crime and punishment.

His degree in Creative Writing was achieved with a requirement for four literature classes (World Literature, American Literature, English Literature, and Spanish Literature) as well as a basic workshop in poetry, screenwriting, and fiction. An advanced workshop in fiction and a seminar which cumulated in sixty pages of publishable work completed his Creative Writing degree.


2 Projects Completed

Andrew began writing within the entertainment industry as an assistant in charge of analyzing scripts and creating coverage. From there, he became a development assistant and continued with his analysis of scripts and examined unproduced Intellectual Property in the form of books. He created coverage, development notes, and pitches. His most recent work in the industry has been writing screenplays for independent projects.


1 Projects Completed

A new CBD soda which has hit the market in New York has tapped the company with which this author was previously affiliated to create an ad campaign. Andrew wrote commercials and shorts centered around this soda.

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