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As a content marketing specialist and SEO expert, Rick has planned and executed extensive content campaigns for clients ranging from the largest residential architecture firm in the US, to the logo sportswear provider for the last four Super Bowls, College Gameday, and the Sochi Olympics. In doing so, he has gained deep insight into what makes content successful, and what doesn't work at all.



THINKS THE WORLD COULD USE MORE: Common Sense! And things to smile about. And also more insanely talented people like my son.

HAS A BAD SENSE OF: Time. But a really good sense of direction.

WOULD HAVE OTHERWISE BEEN: A rock star, or a pilot. He was a decent drummer, and landed a nomination to the Air Force Academy that he turned down. The thought of marching around and people yelling at him all the time freaked him out.

FAVORITE WRITERS: William Finnegan - former staff writer for The New Yorker and Author of "Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life". Michael Sandel - Political Philosopher at Harvard and general contributor to the betterment of humans. Also, the thousands of other great thinkers that he stumbles upon every day who have the uncanny ability to create pictures with their words.
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Being a good dad
And of course, reading


University of Washington

Rick returned to the University of Washington in January of 2017 to finally complete the educational journey he had begun so long ago. Armed with the experience and tenacity he gained as a business owner of 20 plus years, he earned a 4.0 in an extremely demanding field at one of the highest rated institutions of higher education in the world.

He was recognized as on of the top 100 students of the UW in 2017 when he received the honor of the Husky 100 Award for academic excellence.

Rick's success resulted from his ability to distill and synthesize wide raging and seemingly disparate information into prose that is readable, understandable, and most of all - persuasive. His goal is to continue to refine this skill in the hopes of helping others live better lives.

Green Living

28 Projects Completed

Rick's work and research in the emerging field of Political Ecology has provided many opportunities to write about living within the bounds of the earth's natural systems.


12 Projects Completed

Rick began producing SEO content for attorneys using an innovative approach. Using a clever interview process with the attorneys who hired him, Rick wrote hundreds of articles for their respective blogs.


0 Projects Completed

Rick has written SEO headlines, product descriptions, blog posts, and product reviews for online retailers of water sports gear. His active involvement in many action sports gives him a unique ability to write copy in a voice that resonates with the audience.

Product Description

28 Projects Completed

Rick has produced hundreds of conversion getting product titles, descriptions, and reviews. His work is research and data-driven, which provides him the insight to optimize the content to correspond to what users are looking for.

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