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Nicolle M
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Nicolle is a freelance writer who has written hundreds of blog posts explaining complex concepts related to meteorology and climatology in easy-to-understand terms. She has also written dozens of blog posts about digital advertising and marketing, articles about local breweries and restaurants, a glossary of digital advertising terminology, ad copy, website content, social media posts, and two novels. Her style tends to be conversational when appropriate, but she can also hold her own with respect to academic journals and straight-forward news reports.

Nicolle earned a B.A. in communication and a B.S. in atmospheric science/meteorology, both from North Carolina State University. She lives in a suburb of Raleigh, North Carolina.
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Nicolle specializes in writing blog posts, research articles, website content, and ad copy without being "salesy" or over-embellishing the facts.


Nicolle enjoys time spent outdoors in North Carolina's beautiful weather, especially hiking. She recently bought a home with a garden and is learning how to grow her own produce. She also runs lights for local rock bands, investigates paranormal activity, makes jewelry and occasionally attempts to paint. She's also a member of the Central North Carolina Chapter of the American Meteorological Society.


North Carolina State University

Nicolle earned her first bachelor's degree in communication with a concentration in mass communication. Her favorite classes included ancient history, audio and video production, criticism of the information media, and every class related to writing.

North Carolina State University

After several years in the work force, Nicolle returned to school to pursue her passion and earn her second bachelor's degree - this time in atmospheric science. Her interests focused on air-sea interaction, forecasting, and communicating complicated weather topics in plain English.


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Nicolle writes website content for marketing agencies, often in the form of blog posts, explaining the ins and outs of digital marketing tactics. Her tone is conversation and she excels at keeping the information jargon free.


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Nicolle is relatively new to gardening and - being a nerd - does a great deal of research before making any decisions with respect to what, when, and how she plants. Her articles reflect that research.

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Nicolle's core experience lies in blog posts focusing on digital marketing, meteorology, climate science, gardening, and local shopping and dining. Her style is conversational and her goal is to make the complex simple without being boring, or in the cases of shopping and dining, she wants to make people excited about both.

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Nicolle uses humor and sarcasm when appropriate to grab attention and gain engagement. When humor isn't appropriate, she writes a teaser that is not the same text as the headline and article summary, but does convey the focus of article.

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Nicolle tailors content to the purpose of the page, the tone of the brand and the intended audience. She can keep it short and sweet with a quick call to action or add a little more detail when necessary.

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