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Brian is a versatile and experienced Blogger who specializes in technology and promotional writing. Brian has a strong base of knowledge in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Technology, Business, Startups, Sales, and Marketing.

Currently, Brian is a writer for 13 different online publications and these publications vary in themes.

Brian has a personal following on his Blog of over 2700 followers and is also a Co-Editor of an online publication called Journal of Journeys.
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Blog posts. Essays. Inspirational articles.


Technology. Business. Entrepreneurship. Startups. Sales. Marketing.


Macomb Community College

Received a well-balanced education in the common subjects of Political Science, English, Science, Mathematics, and other elective courses.

Central Michigan University

Received a high-level education in the field of Entrepreneurship with a concentration in Marketing and Sales.

Self Help

30 Projects Completed

Brian has written/published over 30 articles in the self-help industry. These articles have all been published in various publications that are linked with

The self-help topics range from time-management to stress management. The articles discuss ways to live a happy and more productive life.

Many of these articles have had phenomenal viewership and engagement from the members of Medium.


15 Projects Completed

Several of the articles that Brian has written about Business, Entrepreneurship, and Startup culture have been published in The Startup. The Startup is an online publication that is linked to and the publication has over 417,000 followers.

The articles that were published have performed well and received positive interaction from the members of this enormous publication.

The Startup is also one of the fastest growing business publications on the Internet and they are focused on publishing high-quality pieces of content.

The articles that Brian wrote for them stemmed from personal experience with working for various businesses and from Brian's knowledge of Startup culture.

Blog Post

140 Projects Completed

Brian has written/published over 140 Blog posts on that have earned various amounts of money. These articles were published across 9 different online publications that are linked to this Blogging platform.

The articles vary in topics and were usually about life lessons, business, writing, inspiration, self-improvement, and creativity.

Several of these online publications have a large number of followers. Some of the publications have upwards of 140,000+ followers.

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