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C. Fitz is a writer and 'ghost-writer' for Corporate VIPs, Technology Thought Leaders, Celebrities, --- for articles social media platforms, blogs, content creator for brands (small and Fortune 500), Brand Consultant
During the last ten plus years C. Fitz has written for brands, celebrities, and Fortune 500 Companies. She can cultivate trending technology subjects (Artificial Intelligence, VR, AR, Machine Learning, IoT (expert level for social media)) and Entertainment (this covers movies, TV series and streaming news).
She has written for A-list celebrity's and covered them on movies, TV shows and Live-written content for social media.
Additionally her brand writing has covered smaller brands for their brand launches (websites, blogs and social media).
As a digital producer and writer for Fortune 500 companies Fitz has written and produced content that has millions of views for clients including Disney, Showtime, AT&T, Red Bull Racing, F1 (live coverage for two years), Star War franchise, A-list celebrities, as well as, multiple brands in the technology, entertainment, fashion, and specific sports.
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C. Fitz writes content for articles, social media (daily) for brands and individuals, including writing for:
Corporate executives (articles, LinkedIn articles, blogs and social media)
Celebrities and glamour/fashion experts
Brands and individuals through messaging and written content (articles, websites, social media, blogs)


Technology, Entertainment, Individuals who need to build / re-brand their brands
Writing for social media, websites, ghost-writing articles on technology, women in tech, women in film, entertainment, activism


Emerson College

Hold a master's degree in journalism


50 Projects Completed

Writer and ghostwriter for over three years. Specifically writing in the field of IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Thought Leadership and Business Transformation (including Marketing).

Brand builder through writing for LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, blogs and Facebook.

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550 Projects Completed

C. Fitz has worked eight years as a writer, strategist, 'ghost-writer' and director for social media for celebrities, VIP corporate Fortune 500 brands (AT&T, Red Bull F1 Racing), individual VIPS, and small brands (tech/fashion/health/entertainment). Her work covers Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, professional articles and blogs.

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