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Cora began writing for Demand Media Studios in 2009 and branched off to different writing venues. She has written over two hundred articles that have been published online. Her area of expertise is technology education, but she has experience writing for other disciplines, i.e. health, science, and history.

She enjoys reading and writing. She completed her graduate studies in instructional design at Virginia Tech and gained an interest in designing course ware to help special education students.


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Cora provides a step-by-step guide to helping computer users learn how to use a software application to design their own media to fit their need.

Non Profit

Cora has a background in urban affairs. She has received training in forming a grass roots organization and writing grants.


Cora's has taught technology for at least 10 years. Within the past 15 years instructional technology has grown where books, software, and hardware content has been written to address student classroom needs.

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