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Grant writer Judy, has been writing grants and responding to Requests for Proposals for a very long-g-g-g time, well over 15 years). She has done practically everything under the sun... from social services to work force development, education and health-related grants, to name a few. This includes grants for start-up to existing and expanding organizations, as well as domestic and international projects (US AID). Although Judy has significant experience with foundation grants, she much prefers writing government grant applications, which tend to have higher award ceilings than many foundations.

Her successful grant awards range from $25,000 to $2 million. Judy's first grant ever yielded $500,000 for a start-up agency building a collaboration of services with 35 other existing agencies. (Rather ambitious, but it worked out!) Her second favorite grant was a $400,000 grant for a refugee program. This was a grant source to which she'd never written a grant submission, so reading through the lengthy guidelines was time-consuming (par for the course for government grants). For most of her clients, Judy's done a little bit of program planning in tandem with grant writing, either to make their program fit the grant, make it more appealing or simply competitive. Because of her knack for doing this, Judy has typically gotten most of my business through word of mouth. Judy considers word of mouth referrals
just about the greatest compliment about her work product that anyone could give her! Since Judy's very good at research (my degrees paid off at long last), she's certainly not daunted by reading lengthy government guidelines for new grant areas. And actually, many of her grants at some point or another were the first of their kind that she had written, until they became part of my grant repertoire. Here's a list of some of the different types of grants written:
Types of Programs
Community Development Block Grant Program
Economic Development
Social Service/case management
Juvenile Justice
Substance Abuse
Foreign Library Program/Cultural Exchange Program
Music Incubator/Workforce Development Youth Intervention/Prevention Programming Elderly Program
Senior Center grants
Charter School
Refugee Programs
Health Programs
Affordable Housing
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Government issued grants and request for proposals responses as well as foundation grants.


Reading, swimming, creative writing


UM School of Law

Licensed Attorney

University College London

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Wellesley College

Seven Sister College in Wellesley, MA.


100 Projects Completed

Government proposal work includes drafting RFPs on behalf of government agencies, submitting responses to RFPs on behalf of government agencies in response to federal and state funding opportunities and drafting RFP responses on behalf of non-profits for government funding solicitations.


100 Projects Completed

The following is a list of proposal types that Judy developed and the funding agencies to which she hase submitted proposals:

Case Management
Economic Development
Workforce Development
Affordable Housing
Health Navigation
Autism Grants
Farming & Gardens
Seniors/Elders Grant
Youth Build
Parenting Classes
Pregnancy Prevention
Child care centers

Community Development Block Grant Program
Alliance for Aging
Governor's Drug Free America
Federal Dept.of Justice
Florida Dept.of Juvenile Justice
Federal Refugee Programm
Federal Dept. of Health & Human Services
Youth Build
Federal Dept.of Education
NYC Dept.of Education
Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection
Federal Dept. of Environmental Protection
State of Florida Dept. of Historic Preservation
US AID grants

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0 Projects Completed

This particular sample is a mission statement/ organizational background summary for a grant application written on behalf of a six-hospital network. This hospital network runs a $2 billion dollar operation and is one of the two largest hospitals in Southeast Florida. (Please note that the hospital network's name has been redacted, however, I will gladly share the name with potential clients!)

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