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Cori is a cheeky, word wrangler-for-hire, professional blogger, and published fiction author under the pen name C.B. Stone. She's blogged for notable blogs like CopyBlogger, Virgin, Problogger, and more.

You can find her at Big Girl Branding, furiously polishing the words of her clients and sharing her thoughts on entrepreneurship with all and sundry, as well as at Salt, Light, and Faith, digging deep and sharing her thoughts on God.

Elsewhere, you might find her sipping coffee, staring into space, and wool-gathering for her storytelling endeavors. Ps- wool-gathering is harder than it sounds. Truth.

Cori has been freelancing since 2008 and has a knack for capturing her client's "voice." She's a branding nut with an entrepreneurial spirit, loves the written word, and thrives on coffee and creativity.

She has experience writing everything from marketing emails, digital newsletters, web copy, and landing pages, to product descriptions, tag lines, professional bios, and blog content.

And, when you only need a bit of spit and polish, she's available for editing and proofreading as well. Contact her today for help with your next writing project.
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Cori specializes in web copy, tag lines, product descriptions, email marketing, blogging, and editing. She loves spinning a great story and is in her element ghosting for clients, using her skill with words to give brands a voice that is uniquely theirs.


Cori is a worship leader at her local church and loves to sing for Jesus. She has a passion for writing, reading, and all things word-y.

She moonlights as an indie author and sometimes plays amateur photog for friends and fam. She's pretty convinced she's only alive today because her husband and children remember to feed her. Therefore, she adores them. She also adores cool, windy days and the sounds of the ocean.


Osceola High

Cori completed her high school career 8.5 months large with her first child. She's nothing if not dedicated. She brings that same spirit of dedication into all her client projects.

Valencia CC

Cori attended college like all young folks often do. She completed over 60 credit hours, but due to unforeseen circumstances was unable to complete her degree. She moved into freelancing shortly after and never looked back.


50 Projects Completed

Cori has freelanced in the B2B and internet marketing realms since 2008. She has worked with a variety of clients, most notable blogging content for Bob's Red Mill, product copy for SPANX, and blog and advertising copy for StellaPop. She's also written for clients in the social justice space with a passion for fighting against human trafficking.


21 Projects Completed

Cori is a independent author under the pen name C.B. Stone. She wears all the hats when it comes to publishing her books and has a wealth of information and experience to share.

Self Help

10 Projects Completed

Cori occasionally writes on things related to self-help, motivation, and spirituality, when her clients let her. If you've got something important to say and struggle with how to say it, she's your gal.

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200 Projects Completed

Cori has been ghost-blogging for clients for almost a decade. It's kind of her jam. She blogs about business, branding, freelancing, indie publishing, Jesus, and other things too numerous to list. Curious? Just ask her!

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