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Savannah is a content creator and strategist who helps mission-minded entrepreneurs write and promote content that cultivates their online presence and inspires communities to action.

Savannah has extensive experience working in and writing for the hospitality and tourism industries. She's created content for various businesses within the industry including coffee shops, cruise magazines, campgrounds, and more! She also has 10 years of experience as a Cast Member at Walt Disney World, where she's learned how to effectively communicate with guests in a friendly tone that drives people to action.

Savannah is passionate about helping businesses that are looking to change the world. She has spent the last five years as the digital marketing director for a local coffee shop that donates its net profit to community projects and a sister nonprofit. During that time, she dove into the many different aspects of digital marketing like managing social media, creating email newsletters, promoting events, and designing social media graphics.

As a professional writer, Savannah spends much of her time writing blogs, website content, email newsletters, and social media copy.

Savannah became a mom in October 2019 and loves the ability her freelance career provides to work from home and take care of her baby. She is fully available for any of your content marketing needs.

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With her background in theater, Savannah specializes in helping businesses translate their voice and brand identity into web content. She likes to think of each of the business she writes for as a character that she needs to learn how to portray and then writes in that character's style.

Most of Savannah's work has been in the form of blogs, social media posts, and email marketing in the hospitality, travel, and food/beverage industries.


*Florida tourism & travel—Savannah has lived in the Orlando metropolitan area for the past 10 years. She loves telling people all about the City Beautiful whenever she gets the chance (especially when she gets to brag about Florida’s beautiful 80-degree weather in February to her relatives up north). Plus, as the number-one tourist destination in the United States, people tend to listen when she's giving tips and tricks to visiting Orlando's theme parks or profiling places to explore Florida's natural beauty.

*Non-profits—Savannah and her husband serve on the board for a local non-profit that hopes to end malnutrition around the world through sustainable farming techniques. She helps out with events and manages the organization’s digital marketing efforts.

*Theater— An avid theater-lover since she was in elementary school, Savannah decided to follow her heart when it came time to apply to colleges and became a theater major. She’s performed in various musicals, choirs, and at Walt Disney World. She’s worked backstage as well, in positions like costuming, hair & makeup, stage managing, and ticket-sales.

*Childhood development—Savannah minored in education, where she learned a lot about how children grow and develop. The best experience she’s had, however, is working with thousands of children over her professional career and being a mom herself.


University of Central Florida

Savannah's coursework included subjects like storytelling, play analysis, stagecraft, childhood development, TESOL, and theater history. As part of her theater degree, she was required to work on the various shows the school performed every semester. She completed contracts on wardrobe crews and ticket sales. She graduated Magna Cum Laude.


93 Projects Completed

Savannah's ability to take on the character of businesses has led her to write for various outdoor-related companies including campgrounds and RV centers.


28 Projects Completed

Savannah has lived in Orlando area for 10 years. As the number one vacation destination in America, Savannah uses any opportunity she has to give the millions of people that visit the city she calls home insider tips to make their vacations extra special.


17 Projects Completed

Savannah has worked for the Walt Disney World resort in Florida for almost 10 years. Over her time there, she has learned valuable skills pertaining to customer service and creating fantastic guest experiences. Savannah also works for a local cafe, managing their online marketing and extending her expertise in the hospitality industry.

Non Profit

4 Projects Completed

Savannah serves on the board for a sustainable non-profit farming project. There, she manages the organization's online marketing efforts and helps promote the organization's events.


3 Projects Completed

Savannah's career has been spent working with children in various capacities, from after-school programs to working at Walt Disney World. She also graduated with a minor in Education from the University of Central Florida.


2 Projects Completed

Not only has Savannah worked for one of the world's top entertainment companies for the past 10 years, but she also graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Theater. Savannah has always been passionate about the arts, and she loves writing about this industry whenever she's given the chance.

Blog Post

149 Projects Completed

Savannah has written blogs for businesses in various industries from coffee shops to campgrounds and cruises.

Facebook Post

102 Projects Completed

Savannah has five years of experience in creating, scheduling, and sharing social media content for both small businesses and non-profits.

Email Copy

50 Projects Completed

Savannah has been in charge of email marketing for a coffee shop and a non-profit in her local community. She creates all aspects of marketing emails including design, copy, and managing email list growth.

Product Description

5 Projects Completed

Savannah created several product descriptions for a coffee roastery looking to sell and ship their beans online.

Direct Mail

1 Projects Completed

Savannah helped shape an entrepreneur's story into a cohesive mailer that accompanied the business' whole-bean coffee sales.


0 Projects Completed

Savannah is fluent in the language of scriptwriting. She was involved with theater from a young age and studied theater formally at the Unviersity of Central Florida. She has spent a significant amount of time reading, analyzing, and performing scripts. She understands the type of writing camera/design crews need in order to produce a successful video or performance.

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