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Ellie is a freelance writer, career archaeologist and anthropologist with ten years of professional writing and editing experience. She is accustomed to writing on tight deadlines. She writes for Demand Media Studios, The Blogger Pool, and WriterAccess, and has private contracts with several businesses to provide ghostwriting and web content.

With ten years' experience in historic preservation and archaeology; fifteen years' experience in yoga and meditation; three years' experience in green agribusiness, permaculture, and organic farming; and four years' experience in pregnancy and parenting, Ellie has a diverse toolbox from which to pull.
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Ellie's academic background positions her for academic writing, as well as popular and journalistic pieces on a daily basis. Her experience ranges from professional historic preservation and archaeology through entertainment, yoga and meditation, crafting, social media marketing, green enterprise, education, even wedding trends. She has a knack for matching voice and style to the topic and media outlet for a client-pleasing and reader-friendly piece every time.


Ellie has a love of all things handmade--food, tools, clothing, children... She knits, crochets, and sews voraciously; gardens and farms (yes, animals too) with love and care; parents passionately; meditates and practices yoga; and writes every single day. She has a special affinity for dogs, horses, and children. She lives on a Tennessee Century Farm with three hogs, seventeen piglets, nineteen chickens, two dogs, and one happy vegetable garden -- and that tally changes constantly. Her family farms based on permaculture practices and lives a green lifestyle.


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Ellie studied anthropology with a focus on native american and classical archaeology (archaeologies?) for three and a half years, while fencing on the Varsity team.

University of Georgia

Ellie M. began her graduate career at UGA in the doctoral program in Anthropology. After marriage to another graduate student and the birth of a daughter changed her finances and goals, she rolled into the department's new Master of Science in the first year the program was offered, graduating eight months later.


107 Projects Completed

As a Blogger Pool ghostwriter, Ellie has written hundreds of "informational advertising" blogs. Some of those, as B2B blogs, were overtly on the topic of advertising--while others included "soft sells" or a call to action integrated into an informational blog post.

Ellie also handles complete email advertising campaigns, online surveys, and newsletters for both The Kitchen Connection and Oak Hill Farm--the former a locally-owned independent kitchen store, the latter her family's sustainable farm, which she runs with her husband.


102 Projects Completed

In her ghost-blogging work for The Blogger Pool, the blogging arm of Splash Media, Ellie has written health-related articles (some quite detailed and even jargon-laden) for orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, medical insurance providers, claims specialists, HR/worker's comp specialists, medical software providers, yoga studios, and doctors' offices. She also writes under her own name on the health benefits and practices of yoga and meditation.

High Tech

90 Projects Completed

Ellie M. ghostwrites technological blogs for Splash Media's Blogger Pool, technological pieces for multiple c-suite online content clearinghouses, all content (not webdesign) for Linked Media's iPadCaseReviews.com. Her advanced graduate-level experience with GIS and GPS, her daily exposure to green technology through her sustainably-run family farm, and her daily work with html and online content positions her to write on a wide range of technological topics.


67 Projects Completed

Ellie has ghostwritten blogs for two years through The Blogger Pool (blogging arm of Splash Media); articles on sleep and professionalism on latexmattress.org; Suite101 green business profiles; and green jobs articles on earthandeconomy.com. All projects ongoing; # of paid projects growing daily.


50 Projects Completed

As a sustainable farmer and gardener, Ellie lives what she writes every day. Her historic Tennessee Century Farm boasts chickens, hogs, and goats (along with two family/farm dogs). Her family lives a green lifestyle and farms using organic/sustainable practices; they sell their vegetables on a CSA model and pork on a hogshare basis. She writes a range of "citizen journalist" articles on gardening and farming topics under her own name for Examiner.com, Suite101, eHow.com, and others, as well as many green living articles for latexmattress.org and several guest blogs under the pen name "Michelle Gordon".


47 Projects Completed

All projects were ghostwritten posts for The Blogger Pool (the blogging arm of Splash Media) on local outings and events, both indoor and outdoor. Outdoor-related posts included "winery tours" and a range of detailed information on local national parks and forests for multiple businesses in multiple parts of the country.

Green Products

46 Projects Completed

Ellie is a freelance writer for PlushBeds, Latexmattress.org, EarthAndEconomy.com, and NaturalAwakenings, among others. She writes on green living, sustainability, and economies of scale. As of October 2012 she is Examiner.com's Memphis Sustainable Living Examiner. Ellie lives what she writes, working on a small, historic family farm using the principles of sustainable agriculture and living in an antebellum farmhouse built in the 1830s.


39 Projects Completed

Ellie has ghostwritten for multiple tutoring establishments and schools through The Blogger Pool, the blogging arm of Splash Media. As an academic with a Master's degree, five years toward her Ph.D., and a distinguished record of teaching assistantships during higher education, she has direct experience in college-level instruction and research experience in K-12 education.


36 Projects Completed

Ellie's medical content work stretches across several companies and websites. She ghostwrites for a medical malpractice insurance provider, has ghostwritten for multiple clients geared to attract c-suite readers on workers' compensation claims management, and has addressed technological ways to maximize system efficiency while minimizing claims costs.

She has also written all content for an educational Diabetes-related site:


Green Living

31 Projects Completed

As a sustainable farmer and homesteader, Ellie lives a green lifestyle every day--and she writes what she knows. Her functional, historic family farm is dedicated to sustainable practices indoors and out. She writes what she works, with a range of "citizen journalist" articles on green living topics to her name as well as many green articles for latexmattress.org and several guest blogs under the pen name "Michelle Gordon".


26 Projects Completed

As a ghostwriter and citizen journalist, Ellie is often tasked with writing articles on a wide range of fashion topics. Fashion wraps itself around multiple other industries, from technology to entertainment to manufacturing. Ellie excels especially in writing on the history of fashion or the intersection of fashion and technology.


23 Projects Completed

Ellie occasionally writes "citizen journalism" pieces on the entertainment industry, and has a long history with The Blogger Pool (the blogging arm of Splash Media) supplying entertainment- and current-events-related topics to a range of industries, from fashion to technology to medical care. Entertainment pieces can be simple and straightforward or complicated and analytical, as the topic and the audience demands.


15 Projects Completed

As a woman; raised Christian; who explored New Age philosophy as a teen and is now a dedicated yoga practitioner, meditator, and student of Tibetan Buddhism who attends a Quaker church in Memphis with her family, Ellie understands a broad range of the spiritual currents and undertows that surround American life today. She writes on meditation, yoga, and spiritualism as a ghostwriter and a citizen journalist under her own name, as well as for latexmattress.org under the pen name Michelle Gordon, all on an ongoing basis.

Blog Post

1,080 Projects Completed

Ellie is a freelance blogger for The Blogger Pool, ghostwriting for a broad spectrum of private companies. She also blogs under the pen name "Michelle Gordon" for latexmattress.org. Over the last two years in these two positions, plus other single blogs through WriterAccess, she has written over a thousand blogs for over a hundred customers. These assignments are ongoing, so the number of projects completed grows daily.


550 Projects Completed

Ellie has written for Demand Media Studios, Examiner.com, Suite101, and multiple private firms, growing a successful freelance business for over two years. She has more than ten years of experience with the written word and has built web content for complete websites (latexmattress.org, ipadcasereviews.com, and others). She has published hundreds of articles under her own name and ghostwritten hundreds more for latexmattress.org and guest posts under the pen name "Michelle Gordon".


6 Projects Completed

As a graduate student (M.S. in Archaeological Resource Management, five years toward the Ph.D. in Anthropology), Ellie has written her own academic and business proposals with hours of input and training from experienced tenured professors. She also consulted, edited, and wrote parts of a book proposal on analytical meditation accepted by Shambhala Publications on 4/7/2011.

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