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Megan G
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Edmond, OK
NEW 3/15/2019
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An expert writer and experienced in all aspects of consulting.
Six-years administrative, coupled with four-years of grant writing and press-release experience. A certified grant and proposal writer. Develops relationships within the press and maintains a press hot-list.
Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and social-media platforms. Google AdWords, analytics, press interview process and press publication.
Non Profit


Specialties: Grant writing, journalism, press interviews, media campaigns, statistical data gathering, educational and technical writing.


Main interests include: B2Nonprofit sector, grant writing, article writing, and content management. She attends workshops, consults, and stays informed on current trends. She believes that consulting means understanding what a client needs and producing it. This means making thoughtful suggestions while keeping content relevant. Specializing in a variety of writing styles including: nonprofit, educational, world-view, social-media, and technical.


Redlands Community College

Developing effective grant writing skills are essential to acquire funding from foundations. Writing a proposal is a blend of art and science. It requires basic knowledge, content knowledge, writing proficiency, strong research skills, creativity, organizational ability, patience, and relationship building. Providing students with the background necessary to develop a competitive funding proposal.

Non Profit

35 Projects Completed

Megan has worked with several local, national, and international nonprofits. She writers press-releases, articles, creates annual calls for funding, and grants. The sample is a 2018 second-quarter press-release. I cannot provide a sample grant as it would include too much private information.


25 Projects Completed

Megan has worked with several nonprofits. This sample is a National press-release written for a SEL (educational) program. Megan conducts interviews with clients to create a compelling argument for press attention. This client wanted a press-release that would captivate their audience. This article was following a school shooting that shocked the nation. Parts of the release had a short "shelf life" do to the nature of the release.


8 Projects Completed

Megan has written several public relations campaigns and media relations packages that have resulted in positive press and community engagement. Megan creates compelling quarterly/annual press-releases. Previous work includes business marketing, notifying the educational community of new products, requesting donations for a food pantry, newsletters requesting additional year-end support, creating compelling arguments that grab press attention and create momentum within the public spectrum. Press-releases notifying the community of volunteer opportunities while building public knowledge of local nonprofits. National press-releases detailing relevant information and why the press should care. The enclosed marketing article is catered to the business to nonprofit market.


0 Projects Completed

Grant writing is the process of gaining funding. Funds often come from foundations and government offices. Megan is available to write grants or edit your existing copy. Information and statistics gathering is key to writing successful grants.

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