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South Amboy, NJ
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She has written several scholarly essays, and done many article rewrites, created much content, and have done many articles with research.
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Product Reviews, Lists, Article Rewrites, Editing, Proofreading, Content Creation


Pets, Wiccan, Spirituality, History, Psychology, Fiction, Medicine, Studies, Cosmetic Products


Middlesex County College

Bridget will obtain two Associates Degrees, one in Psychology, and one in History.


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I've been a Wiccan for twelve years, and worked in a crystal shop called East Meets West as my first job. I read Tarot and Oracle cards, own 300+ crystals, and have an entire Wiccan spell cabinet. Essential oils, crystals, candles, spell work, and so much more is part of my daily life, and I have written many articles on the subject, and have even influenced others with their writing of Spirituality.


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Having to constantly help with my family, I have been cooking for most of my life. I cook every day for my family, and love creating new things, testing new products and tools, and have a love for fresh produce. Between a love for cooking, baking, and alcohol, reviewing and comparing food is my favorite. I have attended wine tastings, and have tasted many alcohols.

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20 Projects Completed

I have written many blog posts, often between 500 and 750 words. They've ranged from food, to spirituality, to pets and make up. I do research to add concise information to my blog posts, and can do research if I am not given any articles to work on.


19 Projects Completed

Writing articles is a passion of mine. I love learning about new things, and breaking down difficult concepts so everyone can enjoy reading the article, and take something from it.

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