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Brandy is a freelance writer, business graduate, in-depth researcher, project manager, finance educator, digital marketing specialist, SEO specialist, mom, wife, and health advocate who aims to share the knowledge she has gained to help others improve their lives.
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Brandy has experience writing and creating in the following areas:

-Character creation and development
-Plot creation and development
-Blog post writing and SEO management
-Social media management
-Research and presentation materials
-Project planning and management
-Business-related works
-Digital marketing
-Creative writing
-Affiliate marketing


Though Brandy is interested in a wide range of diverse topics, her top interests include the following:

-Family- children, marriage, household finances, etc.
-Women- emotional, physical and mental health
-Homeschooling and education-related topics
-Overcoming adversity and tragedy
-Project planning and management


Everest College- Phoenix

Brandy received a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration during which she received an academic scholarship from the school and was placed on the Dean's List three times for her exemplary work and commitment.

Northcentral University

Brandy is currently working on her Master's Degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Project Management.

University of Florida Through Coursera

Shaw Academy


257 Projects Completed

Through education, personal research, and personal experience, Brandy has become something of an expert in the finance field. Through writing for finance companies, creating financial curriculum for homeschooled teenagers, and blogging, Brandy enjoys sharing wisdom and insights through relatable examples. Avoiding debt, budgeting, and wealth building are three favorite focuses in Brandy's pieces.


2 Projects Completed

As the mother of four homeschooled children, Brandy knows the struggles that her fellow mothers and homeschool parents face. It is her belief that knowledge and wisdom are meant to be shared. As such, she enjoys writing encouraging, helpful advice on her blog geared toward struggling, overwhelmed parents.


1 Projects Completed

Brandy knows how easy it can be for a woman, especially a mother, lose herself and determination. However, she also realizes the importance of keeping those things. Along with other topics, Brandy writes blog posts and stories in conversational tones to help women bring their inner self to the forefront. It is her dream to help women be the phenomenal forces they were created to be.

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1,135 Projects Completed

Brandy has spent almost ten years writing blog posts for others as well as for her own websites. She enjoys using blog posts as a platform to teach others a variety of topics, all of which will lead to an improved quality of life. She has been hired to write blog posts for everything from health and fitness to digital marketing and parenting.


745 Projects Completed

Brandy is well versed in writing article copy for educational, promotional, and entertaining purposes. She spends the necessary effort to research the topic in order to provide quality work for her client to present to his or her audience. Brandy views each article as an opportunity to learn and to put her best foot forward for each and every client.


1 Projects Completed

Since beginning kindergarten, Brandy has spent much of her free time writing fiction stories. Over the last 10 years, she has delved into the study of character development and story plots. Though she enjoys writing multiple types of stories, many of her storylines involve characters overcoming tragedy and adversity to become someone who makes a difference in others' lives. This can be seen in her first self-published work Healing Touch.

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