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David K
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David is a video game designer, writer, author, and educator. As an professional game writer, he's written for over a dozen games (including dialogue, comedic prose, technical writing and sales copy) and has shared his expertise at institutions like the Gotham Writers' Workshop, Playcrafting, and the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology.

In addition to writing front-page content for educational sites like the Gotham Writers' Workshop and gaming news sites like Gamasutra and GameCareerGuide, David specializes in content regarding entrepreneurship and all kinds of software - most notably software as a servise (SaaS). He facilitated the creation of Stacklist, a website that researches the distinct advantages (and disadvantages) of SaaS products and helps customers choose the right software to run their business. David spent months interviewing entrepreneurs about the software they use to run their businesses, then consolidated that information into consumer-facing reports which were easy to read and highly detailed.

Prior to writing for games and technology, David was an actor and is still deeply connected to the theater scene in New York City (as a matter of fact, his best friend is currently in Pretty Woman The Musical on Broadway). He's eager for the chance to cut his teeth on fresh pieces about old passions.


Video Games, Video Game Development and Industry, Technology, Software as a Service, Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Entertainment, Theater, Musical Theater, Comedy


Video Games, Literature, Baking, Nature, New York City, Comedy


PACE University

David was granted a slot in PACE University's Musical Theater program, auditioning with over eight-hundred other potential Musical Theater majors for one of just twenty-five spots in the University's prestigious program. The competition for a Musical Theater degree from PACE University has only gotten fiercer, as The Hollywood Reporter recently named PACE one of the top 25 performing arts programs in America.


30 Projects Completed

David spent months creating profiles of SaaS products by interviewing entrepreneurs who used them, then combining each piece of individual feedback into a concise, detailed report on the pros and cons of each product.


17 Projects Completed

David has written the script for several games, but has also done any number of educational articles and copy pieces. Many were written at his own discretion, but most were done on behalf of his employers.


13 Projects Completed

A key facet of David's work in games involved writing jokes and humorous prose. Believe you me, he's well versed in the art of funny.


0 Projects Completed

David writes articles on a regular basis, either for clients or to promote himself within the game industry. His natural voice is professional but casual, with a hint of humor.


0 Projects Completed

David is currently writing his own book on video game storytelling, and while that book is still in progress (and therefore unpublished), he's well-acquainted with the format.

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