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David started his freelance career on PeoplePerHour.com. For over a year he's maintained a 99% customer feedback score. There he reached the second-highest tier, rank 5 cert. He has also grown a connection base of over 12,000 and many great clients on LinkedIn.
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Cryptocurrency startup whitepapers | Cybersecurity, Hardware Security, Key Management, Information and Data Security | GDPR, Securities Act, Exchange Act, Reg A+, D, and crowdfunding | Blockchain, Cryptography, Cryptocurrency, Market Analysis, Press Releases, Crypto News, Tokenomics | A.I., A.R. V.R, IoT, Machine Learning, and Automation


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As a technical business copywriter, David specializes in business and technology topics and is deeply rooted to a strong set of emerging markets. His writing style embodies a smooth flow of simple English content, enhanced with a generous amount of research, and a proper amount of creativity stirred in — conjuring a concisely written content medley!.

Moreover, he compliments his customers sales content tactfully, by connecting with the reader and demonstrating great benefits over product features, timely tapping into the emotion of the audience to influence their decision making and boost conversions.

Furthermore is his greatest ability of all. — the ability to take the complex intangible idea's from the digital world and transform them into real-world use case scenarios that anybody can understand and connect with.


20 Projects Completed

I am a Professional Crypto-writer — For Blockchain and SaaS companies, I write technical copy such as whitepapers, analysis', blogs, posts, guides, reviews, news, etc. With 2 years of experience, I started out writing on Upwork, but I didn't agree with some of their policy. So I moved my base here on PPH. This is where I established a reputation and began to grow.

Customer PPH Reviews - https://lnkd.in/e7RNa3c

I am confident in my abilities and proud of my contributions. With a customer feedback score of 99%, and backed by 2+ years of successful work experience helping companies grow.,

After working a couple of months and maintaining a 99% customer feedback score, I rose to the second-highest tier for freelance providers on PPH, rank 5 cert. That's when I knew it was time to break away and expand my influence outside of this platform. Ever since then, I've used LinkedIn for sharing, marketing, communicating, and collaborating with my clients.

I'd love the opportunity to demonstrate my ability and experience by writing about your company. Ping me anytime for a free quote or consultation. I always look forward to learning about new projects. Let's get started today!

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High Tech

20 Projects Completed

As a Crypto-writer. I provide Blog Update, White Paper, or Press Release Services with original content to spark interest in your product or concept. Utilizing the full capacity of my extended network, I connect startups with an engaged audience of investors, writers, influencers, think-tanks, and industry experts.
What was once a feeling enthusiasm for Blockchain Technology, has now become a passion for sharing fresh perspectives.
I write content on topics involving:
Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)
Tech Startups
AI, Machine Learning, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Drones, Robotics, and Advanced Technology
Producing compelling content, meaningful stories, press releases, and white papers that are both highly readable to the general public and carefully crafted for search engine optimization so that your information reaches and engages your intended audience.

Blog Post

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The value of writing fresh perspectives based mostly on internet research and content curation, Presenting unique views, without regurgitating what has been in circulation already; it's like bringing your own specialized dish to serve at a family reunion. You fill up on the best servings at the table, but no matter how much you digest, you've still gotta support your own dish! If you can't stomach your own content, then why should anyone else?

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A Crypto-writer should think like a publisher, act like a journalist, and write like a lawyer; first gather the evidence to build an open-and-shut case with undeniable proof and then present the story in crisp, clear, convincing terms. Writing ICO whitepapers is what I do day in, day out. I’ve written over a dozen whitepapers for startups and ICOs. When it comes to whitepapers, I know what works and what doesn’t. I know what investors look for in a whitepaper, and what they ignore.

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