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Kristina H
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Due to her experience in working as a marketing specialist for various companies and as a content writer for a digital marketing agency, Kristina has developed the ability to research and write about practically any topic and industry. Furthermore, she has an aptitude in tapping into a brand's voice and writing for readers, as well as SEO or the project's other needs.

In addition to writing about marketing-related topics, Kristina also writes about travel, lifestyle, vehicles, services, software, manufacturing, technology, interior design, education, leisure, food, entrepreneurship, and a wide variety of business topics. Kristina has the ability to write B2B and B2C. She will take the information provided, and can do her own research, to create content which will incorporate the client's branding and point of view into the desired content, which sets her apart from other writers.

Kristina has a BA in Advertising and PR with minors in marketing and entrepreneurship. She has a background in marketing and writing for other companies; however, she also has an understanding of starting a company and entrepreneurship.

Her status as a full-time working professional gives her unique insight into the corporate world and how her articles translate into reality. Kristina has the background and perspective of how and why the content will be utilized. She writes for the reader; however, she also writes SEO-friendly and goal-oriented pieces.

Kristina lives in Southern Indiana, across the river from Louisville, Kentucky, with her husband and surrounding family.
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Kristina enjoys writing many different types of content, but specializes in the following:
-Research articles
-Sales copy
-Website content
-Social content
-Direct marketing pieces
-SEO-friendly copy

With Kristina's background, she can write quality content or work with her client to create a content or marketing strategy to best suite their needs; whether that is ramping up brand awareness, increasing ROI, engaging the target audience, or furthering marketing and communication goals.


Kristina loves learning new things and writing about them. She adores seeing her pieces help her clients grow, increase engagement, and meet their strategic goals.

Kristina's areas of interest include marketing, business development, technology, travel, leisure, food, and topics that will assist and help companies grow.


University of Southern Indiana

Kristina took all of the courses for both the advertising and public relations focuses, so she has a deep understanding of both studies. She minored in marketing, Spanish, and entrepreneurship.
Kristina also took courses in management, English literature, history, SEO, and consumer behavior.
She graduated Magna Cum Laude and with honors. Kristina held multiple leadership positions in Student Government and Honors Society.


201 Projects Completed

Kristina has worked in marketing for over 5 years. She regularly writes content targeting business owners, marketing directors, and similar audiences.

She has experience writing about marketing tips, how-to's, digital marketing, traditional marketing, and a multitude of other helpful and engaging topics. She can take on different voices and tones, based on the topic and audience, ranging from serious to "edu-taining."


100 Projects Completed

Kristina has worked as a hired blogger for a manufacturer of wire and fencing, a manufacturer of doors and systems, a manufacturer of art and mirrors, and a few other traditional manufacturers.
For the past year and a half, Kristina has written for a custom awards, recognition, trophies, and commemorative pieces manufacturing company.


75 Projects Completed

Kristina worked as the marketing director for a travel company for years, she also has done independent work for some popular travel blogs.

Blog Post

503 Projects Completed

Kristina has a background in digital marketing, with blogging being the focal point. She has experience with a plethora of topics, tones, voices, and target audiences. She understands how to research and write for the client.

Furthermore, with her experience in in-bound marketing and SEO, she is able to write for the reader but still make the blog SEO-friendly.

She can write for any length, tone, reference, and project requirement.

Web Page

200 Projects Completed

Kristina was a content writer for a digital marketing and website development company for years. She still writes a variety of web pages and landing pages in her marketing position.
She has experience writing for SEO and readability. She can write for any industry or section of the website.


10 Projects Completed

Kristina was written ebooks for various industries and markets. Ebooks can be long and in-depth with a plethora of statistics and information or they can be short and sweet - Kristina has experience with the whole range. She can do the research to write an engaging and useful ebook. Furthermore, Kristina understands that unlike website content or a blog, an ebook is about being user-friendly and easy to read.

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