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Lena is an aspiring marine biologist/pathobiologist who enjoys writing and editing in her spare time. She has been an active writer and editor for 7 years, though editing was done as a favor to her friends and family. She is very excited to start her writing career!
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Lena specialize in scientific writing and creative writing. She also has her own anonymous blog and account where she has posted fan-based stories. She has taken part in other freelance opportunities that have varied from topics in health and beauty to computers and technology.


Lena is interested in a variety of subjects. Marine biology, biology, health and microbiology, animal science, and environmental science are her main interests, but she also enjoys gaming, crafts, yoga, anime, music, and acting as a tutor, advisor, or teacher to others.


University of North Carolina - Wilmington

Lena attended the University of North Carolina - Wilmington in pursuit of a career in marine biology. Prior to attending, she had shadowed research centers and aquaria to find her niche. She believed it to be veterinary medicine with a focus on aquatics, and so she one day hoped to attend NC State University. However, her interests changed, and she fell in love with health research, still focusing on aquatic animals. That is her goal to this day.

University of Connecticut

Lena attended the University of Connecticut from 2014-2015, attaining her Master's degree in a year. The program was originally titled Veterinary Pathobiology which drew her to the school as her career plans shifted from veterinary medicine to research.


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With her educational background in marine biology, chemistry, pathobiology, medicine, and research, Lena can contribute much to this industry.


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Lena has many hobbies. They vary between crafts to exercise, with much in between. This writer enjoys writing, of course, but when she isn't writing, she enjoys watching anime, playing videogames, singing and dancing, yoga, drawing, and making cards with her grandmother. Here is a sample of an introductory paragraph for one of her future posts on her personal blog.

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Lena has her own blog containing various content type. She also writes fan-based stories that are more book-like in type, but feature more like a blog post. Here is a sample of her blog dealing with loss and grief.

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