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Published a book of poetry for the consumption of those that appreciate it. Utilizing nature and spiritual overtones, the poems provide solace to those who read it. Also provided metaphysical debate and analysis via a blog covering multiple topics and striving to make the reader of those words to think and ponder.

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When one evaluates their life, the human interactions between those that surround us define our definition of happiness.  This can be exemplified in the analysis of the institution of celibacy vs. relationships.  According to the upbringing of each individual, the ease at which either institution is utilized can be varied.  This can be seen in many personal experiences that have happened over our lifetimes.  First, the institution of celibacy creates a unique understanding of the relationships that one acquires over a lifetime.  This can come at a cost of social skill retardation which keeps individuals from having any meaningful relationship that may bring happiness.  Second, the institution of relationships especially physical in variety creates a natural appeal to the opposite sex, spanning from the realm of casual to serious relationships.  This can come at a cost of assessing the state of one’s relationship purely from a physical standpoint.  There are examples in which I can provide for this analysis.

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