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Brian W
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Van Nuys, CA
NEW 10/26/2018
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Brian regularly produces engaging web content and informative SEO articles for small and large enterprises worldwide. He utilizes his knowledge of the online landscape to create effective content marketing campaigns for his clients. Brian writes shareable copy with a clear call to action that does not sound salesy or pushy. His content always reflects the company voice and mission while adhering to the preferred style guide. Through the production of optimized webpages and articles, he helps business owners speak directly to their target audience, convert site visits into sales and position themselves as a leader in their industry.
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He regularly composes engaging, well-researched articles about:

• Automotive Maintenance and Repair
• Pet Care and Veterinary Services
• Positive Reinforcement and Clicker Dog Training
• Home Improvement
• Landscaping
• Taxes
• Healthcare
• Dental Care
• Nutrition
• Video Games
• Fashion and Beauty
• Real Estate
• Travel


Brian has more than two decades experience breeding, raising and training dogs.He regularly works with his super smart border collie pup, Nyxie, using clicker training and positive reinforcement principles. His cat, Rocket, also enjoys participating in the training sessions, though he largely remains aloof and surly. Both animals are quickly learning how to perform basic obedience and advanced tricks due to the use of these highly effective, motivating training methods.


Green River Community College

He improved his English and art skills while attending school at GRCC. Brian earned his AA degree with a 3.64 transfer GPA.


1,000 Projects Completed

Video games create joy, facilitate learning and bring new worlds to life. Brian regularly plays video games of all genres with friends, family and strangers alike.He has a large knowledge base about video games that were created from the seventies until now.


1,000 Projects Completed

Brian extensively studied anthropology and philosophy while completing coursework at WSU. Brian can quickly create research papers that explore other cultures and beliefs previously unknown to him.


1,000 Projects Completed

Brian loves to work on and read about automobiles of all kinds. He easily explains how each component on a vehicle works.


1,000 Projects Completed

Brian can complete an article on any topic with a little bit of research. He regularly writes concise articles that meet his clients' keyword requirements and word count. Brian always works required keywords into the article naturally.

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1,000 Projects Completed

Brian consistently creates engaging blog posts designed to encourage sharing across social media platforms. He swiftly and thoroughly creates the topics, performs the research, writes the posts and proofreads before submitting.

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