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Stephanie H
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A writer’s job is to find the right word(s). To create sturdy, nimble sentences polished with fresh tone and grace. And sometimes have a little fun.

Stephanie began a blog that brought her praise, recognition, and requests from authors and publishing industry professionals as well as politicians.

A featured writer at a major online community website for several years, Stephanie has also written book reviews for agents, websites, Random House, the online reincarnation of the Rocky Mountain News called InDenver Times, and many others. She is available to write articles including those in the health, science, and environmental fields; instructional or review articles; blog entries, news items and press releases; historical summaries; and research-based or creative pieces.

Stephanie has covered breaking news and presidential debates on-site, and written in-depth pieces on developing stories such as the tragedy at the Upshur County Coal Mine in 2006. She enjoys writing informative pieces as well as those with a more conversational tone. Stephanie loves to write and works well to specification, on assignment, or when given little direction.
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Real Estate


Stephanie specializes in health, business, medical, and kids/family writing. She has experience writing blog entries and articles that require historical as well as cutting-edge research. Stephanie has a penchant for detail and accuracy, and is able to write professionally. Additionally, she has taken creative writing classes, hosted live chats, blogs and maintained an online personality.

Stephanie is excellent at conducting research, writing reviews, nonfiction, background pieces, news articles, press releases, travel pieces and more.


When Stephanie's not writing for other clients, she can often be found working on her next book or coaching fellow freelancers. Outside of writing, she enjoys spending time outdoors and loves to travel.


Vanderbilt University Divinity School

This field of study covers biblical studies, world religions, theology, philosophy, history, sociology, and literature along with specialized classes to learn how to become everything from missionaries to religious leaders to music directors.


Real Estate

6,438 Projects Completed

Stephanie, a previously licensed real estate agent in Ohio, has worked in the real estate industry for the last 12 years. Today, she has written for a variety of publications within this sector including Realtor.com, Bankrate, and numerous real estate brokerages and agents directly. Her experience includes all aspects of the process including financing, marketing, sales negotiations, contracts, closing, and much more.

Stephanie works with all individuals in the real estate industry. She has extensive experience working with real estate agents, real estate brokers, property sellers, third-party investors, hard-money lenders, and banks. Topics include real estate lending, real estate borrowing, credit, real estate market trends in the U.S. and Canada (including specific cities), buying guides, city descriptions, MLS listings, and agent profiles.


3,550 Projects Completed

There is increasing demand for paid writing within the health industry and Stephanie is well-versed in medical terminology. She has done research for a variety of different health concerns and practices. She has written about neuroscience and various aspects of the brain, and is able to tailor pieces to be either general or specific in nature. She has written for pet-related websites, chiropractic blogs, veterinarian web pages and blogs, and the like. She has written on both Eastern and Western medical practices, as well as alternative health and wellness practices. She reads extensively on neuroscience and is particularly, albeit not exclusively, interested in this area of medicine and research.


533 Projects Completed

As a small business owner, Stephanie has a multi faceted business management knowledge and experience. Creating a proposal, drawing out a contract and describing services to be performed are aspects of this knowledge, as is the explanation of what services have been successfully conducted in the past. An understanding of sales and marketing is crucial to Stephanie's company and the ability to schedule the logistics of daily operations assures the continued financial well being of the company.


12,654 Projects Completed

Stephanie has written thousands of articles over the past several years on many subjects, including health and medicine, consumer goods, green living, green energy, conservation, literature, music, and art. Her attention to detail is noticeable and her style is flexible. Stephanie is proficient at writing sales pitches, reviews, and blog posts, but she is also an excellent researcher and takes the time to get the facts - and get them right. Stephanie is able to produce short pieces, lengthy articles and can also edit the work of other writers in a timely manner.

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4,246 Projects Completed

Stephanie has received numerous compliments on her own blog and was recruited by the recently-defunct inDenverTimes solely on the strength of her writing there. In 2011 she began writing through third-party sites and has received consistently high ratings. She has written many informative blog posts on health, the environment and green living, veterinary practices and advice, as well as question-and-answer type blogs that are easy to read and digest.

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