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She has been developing content for four years now. Since she does nursing as a part-time job, she has a lot of time to carryout research and write blog posts about different topics. She has knowledge on industries like medicine, technology, marketing, business, and social media. She has worked for different clients and delivers high-quality on time.


SEO, marketing, technology, relationships, business development, and auto industry


Fishing, traveling, and swimming.


university of Washington.

She has worked in the labor and surgical departments for 2 years. Since she is still in school, she practices part-time in order to gain experience. Therefore, since she has dealt with different patients, she has gained a lot of knowledge related to medical matters.


213 Projects Completed

Since she is a practicing nurse, she has vast knowledge when it comes to the medical industry. When she is not learning from other doctors in hospitals, she is doing her own research. She has written different blog posts advising people on the best tips to avoid and prevent diseases.


52 Projects Completed

She has always had an interest in business since her parents are business people. As a result, she develops content related to business advising people what they need to do in order to succeed. She has written different engaging blog posts for different companies.


412 Projects Completed

Writing articles for clients and spreading information is her favorite part about developing content. She has been able to write engaging articles for personal and corporate blogs. Her ambition is to always make the client happy and satisfied.

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