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Susanne is a prolific writer with extensive online writing experience. Susanne has literally written thousands of published articles for numerous online clients based in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand. Susanne has excellent spelling and grammar skills. Susanne's excellent articles include factual details based on thorough research. Susanne purposefully writes with thoughtfully conceived and skillfully constructed words.

Individuals from all walks of life are easily able to read and follow this exceptional writer's well-honed, unique and appealing style of writing. Due to several years of experience as an online writer, Susanne's communication skills with readers are considerably well-developed.

Susanne writes factual articles infused with highly readable content. When appropriate, she incorporates a tasteful dosage of humor. Susanne uses words as powerful tools influencing readers to think about their lives in new and meaningful ways. It is Susanne's contention that authors are accountable for the words they write. Consequently, Susanne infuses her writing with intelligence and integrity.


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  • Consumer Goods1,000+
  • Search Marketing1,000+
  • Legal500+
  • Insurance100+
  • Finance100+
  • Nutrition100+
  • Food100+
  • Travel100+
  • Fitness100+
  • Real Estate100+

Summary of Industry Experience

Consumer Goods

Susan has written countless product description articles regarding various consumer goods, from bath and bedding items to wedding and engagement rings. Susan's articles concentrate on romanticized, yet factual, descriptions of sheets, comforters, quilts, towels, white gold wedding bands, designer shoes, clothing, gardening supplies, kitchen appliances, mobile telephones and electronic devices. Excellent product descriptions invite consumers to imagine new and innovative ways of how to decorate their homes or add more practicality to their daily lifestyles. Imaginations ,when put into action, help customers to create home environments that harbor new and exciting atmospheres.

Search Marketing

Susan has written numerous search marketing articles that serve to promote businesses via top search engines. Whether the business entrepreneur is a professional locksmith or a business person selling payroll templates, Susan has the expertise to make businesses shine online. Clients appreciate Susan's friendly, educational and enjoyable articles that help their businesses prosper.


Susan has written a wide array of well received legal articles for various attorneys regarding different aspects of the law. Susan has a unique style of writing that explains legal matters in simple terms readers can easily understand. Susan's legal articles address a variety of issues that include filing for bankruptcy status; child custody battles; divorce; premarital agreements; sexual harassment in the workplace; medical malpractice; and the advantages involved in filing personal injury lawsuits.


Susan has written numerous published articles regarding various aspects of automobile insurance coverage. From standard automobile insurance to special insurance for classic cars, Susan's articles present readers with factual and helpful information about different types of insurance coverage. Susan has also written many insurance articles that explain practical strategies to consumers who want to pay less money for their automobile insurance premiums.


Susan's financial articles describe money-saving tips for the average person who needs to cut corners in order to make timely mortgage payments or buy an ample supply of groceries. Every person has the ability to save money and create a household budget. From opening a simple savings account to investing in stocks and bonds, Susan explains various strategies that offer readers new and approachable financial avenues to explore. Susan describes methods any individual can use to create a better financial environment and security for the future.


Susan has translated her knowledge about nutrition into numerous articles that have helped consumers understand the benefits of eating healthy foods, avoiding junk foods, losing weight and practicing daily exercise routines. Readers find it easy to understand concepts revolving around the topic of nutrition when they read Susan's educational articles. Susan aptly describes the benefits of going on long walks, taking vitamin and mineral supplements and eating whole wheat breads, oatmeal, brown rice, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.


Susan has written various types of articles related to the food industry, from banquet catering services to the benefits of eating raisins and dried plums. Whether the reader is a mom with three children, a person planning a wedding reception or a health-conscious individual who wants to make lifestyle improvements, Susan's knowledge about food, combined with research and writing expertise, enables her to write informative articles centering around the topic of food.


Susan has written several travel articles that give readers opportunities to gain more information about distance places and innovative inns. Travelers appreciate Susan's knowledgeable and practical articles that include traveling tips and useful information about making hotel and airline reservations. From comfortable and cozy fishing resorts to imaginary futuristic hotels, Susan's travel articles make readers long for more adventurous experiences.


Susan has written several fitness articles that focus on the advantages of going for daily walks. Susan explains to readers that they do not need to join expensive fitness centers in order to stay fit. Susan's articles focus on the benefits of walking, dancing and other similar types of activities. Susan's articles focus on the healthy emotional and physical benefits fitness plays in a person's lifestyle.

Real Estate

Susan has written a wide array of descriptive real estate articles regarding apartments located in various apartment complexes. Susan's real estate descriptions entice readers to make further inquiries about moving from their current apartment buildings to complexes offering better amenities and updated apartments. Susan writes with energetic words that inform readers about greener pastures.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+

Summary of Product Experience


Susan has written thousands of published online articles about a variety of topics. From articles describing locksmith services to articles about how to save more money, Susan has covered an amazing number of different topics. Each article is written in Susan's own unique style of writing. Numerous clients have expressed their delight with Susan's articles and excellent writing style.

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