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Bethanny writes SEO-friendly articles that inform and entertain readers. She has extensive experience selecting the right keywords and writing keyword-targeted content that appeals to readers as well as search engines.

Bethanny has written hundreds of articles in a wide variety of subject areas, from parenting to gardening to product reviews. The subjects she has written about most are business leadership, career development, education, social media, and real estate. She is interested in sustainable agriculture and would like to write more about sustainable farming practices such as agroforestry, aquaponics, and restoration agriculture.

Bethanny is a mother of four and homeschools her two youngest children. In her spare time, she enjoys all kinds of crafts, especially crochet. She also knits, sews, draws, paints, and makes jewelry. She likes to go camping, hiking, and biking with her family and spends a lot of time working in her garden during the spring and summer months.
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Business leadership, career development, human resources, education, social media, real estate, farming, agriculture


Crafts, crochet, knitting, sewing, drawing, painting, gardening, mushrooms, fungi, mushroom cultivation, sustainable agriculture, agroforestry, aquaponics, restoration agriculture, reforestation, reclaiming the desert, foraging, wildcrafting, homesteading, greenhouses, nurseries, tree farms, trees, ecology, permaculture, food forests, alternative energy, homeschooling


Grand Valley State University

Bethanny attended Grand Valley State University in Allendale, MI for a year and a half. Her major was computer science.

Western Governors University

I'm going back to school! I started working toward my Marketing Management degree on October 1st. The program is self-directed, so I can learn at my own pace. I am hoping to accelerate and finish within two years.

Real Estate

124 Projects Completed

Bethanny has written about real estate foreclosures and local real estate market conditions. She ran a website providing information about the foreclosure process to consumers for a few years and has published several articles about foreclosures on HubPages. Bethanny has also sold articles about the real estate market in specific areas to real estate agent clients to use on their websites.


103 Projects Completed

Bethanny has written several research-intensive rankings articles in the education industry. These articles rank schools based on factors such as social media usage, cost, accreditation, student services, graduation rates, and more. The ranking criteria for each piece is decided by the client and Bethanny sets up the formulas and tweaks them as needed to suit the client in addition to writing the article. Normally, the client provides a spreadsheet with data to use in determining the rankings.


101 Projects Completed

Bethanny has written extensively in the business leadership space, including articles about influence, executive presence, career advancement, public speaking, and managing employees, most of which were ghostwritten for an executive coach. Her work for this client included website copy, blog posts, and two ghostwritten articles that were published in leadership magazines.


651 Projects Completed

Bethanny has written hundreds of articles about everything from parenting and gardening to the stock market. She has written for dozens of clients directly as well as completing article assignments through content sites such as this one.

Press Release

1 Projects Completed

Bethanny is ready to help you market your business through press releases, e-mail newsletters, blog posts, or any other type of written communication you require, from Adword ads to catalog descriptions to ad copy for direct mail packages.

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