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Brittany’s research and teaching are grounded in issues of critical social justice for both future and practicing educators. Her research interests include critical teacher preparation, social justice education, critical race theory, critical whiteness studies, and educational policy. These interest stem from her former elementary school teaching experiences and current work with teacher education. Her research couples her cultural studies and social foundations in education background with current contemporary issues. She has been published in Review of Educational Research, Journal of Critical Policy Studies, Teachers College Record, and Multicultural Perspectives.


Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, Education pedagogy, Critical Policy Studies, American and Latina Literature Studies,


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University of Florida

Brittany gained a higher understanding of education pedagogy, building on her research interests in elementary education and adult education. The Bachelor's Degree opened her viewpoint on teaching practices and elements of research. She graduated Cum Laude.

Vanderbilt University

Brittany specialized in 'Literacy' focusing specifically on shifting educational policies and how they affect literacy in rural America. Her thesis topic was: A Historical Narrative of the Changes in Nashville’s School System Through Desegregation: African American Education 1954-1969.

University of Tennessee

Primary Specialization was Cultural Studies in Education whereas her secondary specialization focused on Curriculum, Teaching, & Teacher Education. She settled on Educational Leadership & Policy Studies as her cognate. Her dissertation topic was “Critical Social Justice Teacher Education: Beginning Teachers’ Pedagogy and Praxis”


571 Projects Completed

Brittany's 13 year experience in education and research gives her an unparalleled understanding of educational policies, pedagogy and interests spanning: Cultural studies in education, social foundations in education, critical literacy, teaching and leadership in diverse/urban schools, social justice education, teacher positionality, culturally relevant education, qualitative research methodology, educational policy


312 Projects Completed

Brittany represents the new face of professional women, forging stronger networks to uplift fellow women in education and professional undertakings. Her work revolves around motivating and providing logical rationales for equality. She relies on her professional experience as a key educator and writer to showcase the need to include women in decision making.


180 Projects Completed

Brittany is a popular figure in teaching and literacy as forms of professional undertakings. As a trainer, she gives talks and writes briefs on the critical approaches to the pursuit of teaching as a career option, and how to evade the many obstacles facing teachers that arise at the earliest onset of their careers.


33 Projects Completed

Brittany is well adept at grant writing and proposal creation. She is certified by the University of Tennessee in Grant Writing and Proposal Development. She is widely consulted by Schools and universities to draft proposals on various initiatives ranging from pedagogy research to student programs.


21 Projects Completed

Brittany has written over 21 books on the topics of women in education, educational equality, racism in education, etc. She has contributed to over 89 other publications, which touch on the issue of literacy, adult education, and pedagogical review, among many others. She is an authority on policy studies and educational leadership.

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