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minnie w
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Nevada, CA
NEW 10/12/2018
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She has been in the writing industry for four years. Since she loves doing research, she can create content for different topics. Her favorite industries to write about include marketing, business, traveling, product reviews and auto express.


Data analysis, essay writing, editing.


Sports, traveling, fishing.


Carlifonia State University

She has an MS in Data science and has the knowledge of data analysis. Being in a state of the art institution helped her gain the necessary knowledge of handling data technology and business intelligence.


89 Projects Completed

Since she was a young girl, she has always had interest in vehicles. She can be able to write reviews about most things related to the motor industry. She has developed content for some well-known vehicle blogs.


17 Projects Completed

She enjoys gaining knowledge about the latest trends in the education industry. During her free-time, she visits different universities and gets to learn the challenges the students encounter. Once she gets her findings, she carries out her research and finds ways of helping the students. She believes that the education industry has a lot of potential.


69 Projects Completed

She has been writing articles for almost four years now. She enjoys writing different articles with different topics.The more she exposes herself to different challenges and experiences in the writing industry, the more she gets to learn and fulfill the needs of her clients.

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