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Jean is a writer and speaker fascinated with what makes us tick (or why we have tics.) She is focused on:

• Teen suicide (My brother took his own life)
• The sibling connection (How it shapes our lives)
• Love and sex in World War II (My parents’ story on steroids)

She is also into;

Speaking engagements
Radio and television interviews


Proofreading, editing, researching, reporting


Reporting, proofreading, Writing, copywriting


University of Washington

Jean holds PhD from University of Washington, School of Social Welfare, Seattle, WA. With honors .


560 Projects Completed

Jean has a strong grounding in the different areas of theoretical linguistics, such as syntax, semantics and phonology, and introduced me to areas of applied linguistics. She is well versed with the beauty and fashion industry.


350 Projects Completed

jean plans and carries out activities for youth between the ages of 11 and 25 at the Highway Youth Club. She is especially connected with the youth through football, a connection which is crucial in establishing a relationship of trust in their career. She is into sports and career development. This is expressed through marketing strategy she does on career development in the writing industry.


680 Projects Completed

Jean is vital contact when it comes writing business. She facilitates contacts and meetings and is especially helpful when I came to write for Bloomberg Pursuits and The New York Times. She is a natural marketing genius.

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