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Miriam M
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Miriam M. has been offering professional freelance writing services from her home since 2013. She is thorough and careful when it comes to punctuation, spelling, grammar, accuracy, and overall readability. When it comes to writing, Miriam strongly believes that the audience comes first; that's why she's committed to providing relevant and readable content that provides real value.

Miriam has written hundreds of articles around the web for a variety of content creation companies and fostered long-term relationships with private clients. The majority of her articles are on the topics of travel, technology, health, nutrition, exercise, business, and beauty. These articles required careful research, fact-checking, and consideration of user interest.
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Miriam M. writes in an engaging, conversational style to boil down complicated topics for her readers. She is most prolific in the following topics:

*Health and fitness
*Entrepreneurship and business
*General information
*Green living


Miriam is a nature enthusiast. She can never be found too far from a hiking trail, field guide in hand. Her favorite activities include hiking, bird identification, mushroom hunting, and primitive skills. Although she would happily go live in a tent in the woods for months on end, she's not completely opposed to modern comforts and has a great love of comedy, action movies, and pop culture.


University of Maryland, College Park

Miriam completed her degree in Environmental Science and Policy at the University of Maryland, College Park in 2011. Miriam worked briefly in the field of environmental science and most enjoyed writing grant proposals, drafting journal articles, and preparing scientific presentations.


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Miriam has written dozens of articles in the health and lifestyle categories, with a main focus on beauty and skin care. Other similar topic areas she has covered include weight loss, fitness, wellness, and diet.

Real Estate

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Miriam enjoys researching the topic of real estate and providing quality content for all sorts: buyers, sellers, and renters. Housing is a critical aspect of daily life, and real estate in general ties in affairs, both business and personal.


0 Projects Completed

Miriam is an avid traveler and enjoys bringing first-hand experience to her travel writing. An adventurer at heart, Miriam has cumulatively spent more than twelve months traveling, including both short and long-term travel adventures in Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia. She also uses her research abilities to write effectively about destinations she has yet to visit.

Blog Post

0 Projects Completed

Miriam has written hundreds of blog posts on the topics of beauty, travel, health, fitness, nutrition, outdoor recreation, lifestyle, and personal finance. She combines strong research skills with practical life experience to provide accurate and engaging content.

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