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Adam Brown is a writer with experience in SEO writing for medical offices and web design companies, in academic spheres for high school and collegiate research, and in technical communication for user-guides and API documentation.

In the creative sphere, he has experience in the design, writing, and editing of tabeltop roleplaying games. Specifically, his experience is with small independent RPG designers making games under Powered by the Apocalypse and the Open Gaming License.
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SEO Writing, Creative Writing, Game Design, Medical Writing, Technical Writing, Academic Research, Historical Writing, API Documentation, User-Guide Writing


Adam enjoys game science and game design, but is also looking for more chances to write in technical spheres. He likes educational and guide writing, which lends itself well to both technical writing and game design.


University of California: Merced

Training in research with a heavy focus on academic and persuasive writing.
Took classes in logic and rhetoric, as well as classes in evidence-based writing.


25 Projects Completed

Adam writes SEO, blog, article, and website content for medical office and cosmetic surgeons. His main client work comes through the medical website design company Firm Media in Ontario, California.

Adam focuses on a persuasive style of copywriting that is meant to advertise through education and interesting conversation with the reader.


3 Projects Completed

Adam helps indie RPG designers make their games, and he helps design game concepts for lone designers. Adam also does editing and proofreading of RPG documents and writes for some small RPG blogs.

Adam has also written a 5-page 3000 word paper on the basics of RPG design for indie developers. He uses this document as a primer whenever he gets someone who wants help with design.


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Adam has worked in the manufacturing industry before, and understands the specifics of manufacturing processes. He has not been a paid writer, but has submitted a number of documents to machining and manufacturing magazines.

Adam also understands and has self-trained in the methods of user-guide writing, technical communication, and writing safety standards.

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5 Projects Completed

Adam writes content for medical office websites, but have the skills to write for other types of clients. His focus is on education. That educational style of writing is meant to engage the reader in learning and form a positive connection with the doctors website, now ingrained in the reader as the source of that learning. Adam believes this approach can work for any advertisement based website in any industry.


0 Projects Completed

Adam writes articles for gaming and manufacturing magazines and blogs. His works focus mostly on RPG game design when it refers to a gaming magazine/blog, and mostly to machining and machining technology when referring to manufacturing sites.

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