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Lauren M
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Cincinnati, OH
NEW 10/10/2018
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Lauren M can easily develop an attention-grabbing headline and compelling content that leads your reader eagerly through to the end of the article. Additionally, Lauren understands the importance of a strong call to action and one that grabs your reader's attention and encourages him to take immediate action.

Lauren M is well-versed in SEO and is familiar with keywords, anchor text, LSI and how to use each technique in the proper context for readers and for Google's algorithm preferences. In addition, Lauren is proficient with a wide variety of internet marketing techniques including how information is viewed, assimilated and shared on Google and various other platforms. Therefore, Lauren can structure your piece in a way that will encourage the search engines to give favor to your content and increase your rankings for whatever content you are trying to rank.

As a professional content writer, Lauren M strives for perfection and pays close attention to detail. Additionally, she will go above and beyond to put together an award-winning piece of content that is sure to get results.

Her work has appeared in Gray magazine, Oregon Bride, Brides.com, several custom publications for Hawthorn Creative, Seattle magazine, Seattle Metropolitan, PaperCity, VMSD, and Cincy. She frequently writes about design, architecture and home decor. She likes to think that she was an interior designer in another life.
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Real Estate


Lauren M specializes in writing content for internet marketers, small business owners, real estate agencies, contractors, auto dealerships, SEO companies, and bloggers. Her extensive experience with SEO, keyword research, and promotional tactics, as well as informational writing, has helped her to effectively write on just about any topic in a way that is pleasing to people and to the search engines.


Lauren M has a passion for marketing and is well-versed in many topics such as health, alternative health, pets and pet health, real estate, automotive topics, auto dealerships, family, relationships, self-help, spirituality, women's issues, crafts, gardening, search marketing, music, business and office related issues, construction, painting, HVAC, roofing, fencing, property management, entertainment, home living topics, insurance and much more.

Additionally, Lauren M's experience and versatility allow her to tackle just about any topic she is given. So you know you will be getting a passionate, enthusiastic team member with a positive "can do" attitude.


University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio

A supervised practice experience for Bachelor of Journalism students. Placement runs for 120 hours (approximately 10 days undertaken overseas). It focuses on integration of practice experience with course material and companion courses.


350 Projects Completed

Lauren M has worked for an alternative health company talking with men and women about various conditions then offering them natural solutions to their particular health problems.

Also, Lauren M has written many articles for small business owners, bloggers and several article directories on a wide range of health-related topics.

Real Estate

250 Projects Completed

Lauren has been involved in real estate for 24 years and is well-versed in the industry lingo and functionalities of the business. Additionally, Lauren has designed and written hundreds of white label article templates for real estate membership websites, web pages and monthly content about real estate topics for realtors and their clients.


250 Projects Completed

Currently working on her blog on topics revolving around fashion, Lauren has already contributed vastly to the world of journalism. Aside from her blog, other publications she has worked alongside include Dazed & Confused, OK!, Chasseur and Paper Journal magazine. In addition to this, she has also provided written content to a number of fashion and beauty brands.


1,500 Projects Completed

Lauren has written over a thousand articles for small business owners, bloggers, and internet marketers alike. She specializes in quality content, SEO and how to properly implement online and offline marketing strategies. Lauren has experience developing enticing headlines along with a call to action that will lead the reader to take action.

In addition, Lauren has also written many articles not requiring SEO, or any other intention than the education and/or enjoyment of the reader.

Blog Post

1,023 Projects Completed

Lauren has written thousands of blog posts for website owners, bloggers, and small business owners. She realizes that it is extremely important to offer quality content that will engage the reader and encourage them to take action. Quality content is also important to the survival of a blog and its readership. You must use content that informs and educates the reader if you want to keep them coming back for more.

Writing in blog format is a more informal form of writing than what's used for any other type of content. Therefore, it requires a perfected style and tone that speaks to the reader using bite-sized pieces of information in a way that's easy to read and understand.

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