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Young is Director of Music Industry and Recording Technology and Assistant Professor of Music at York College of Pennsylvania, where he also teaches courses in American Studies. The author of Gray Sabbath: Jesus People USA, the Evangelical Left, and the Evolution of Christian Rock (Columbia University Press, 2015), Young has earned degrees in Music Industry Studies and American Studies, and has performed jazz, classical, Celtic, and rock music for over twenty years on the electric bass guitar and trumpet. Selected performance credits include the U.S. Army Band, Asbury Lane, Jamey Aebersold, Michael Johnson, Kirk Henderson, Bill Leslie, Steve Davidowski (of the Dixie Dregs), Bob Fitz, David Whitehead, Bill Leslie, jazz saxophonist Bill Archibald, and blues-rock artist Glenn Kaiser. Young also studied and performed with jazz saxophonist Todd Wright. For five years Young held a faculty appointment in the contemporary music program at Greenville College, Illinois, where he provided instruction for a number of artists who went on to find success in the music industry. He has also managed the New Band Showcase stage at the internationally acclaimed Cornerstone Festival, and served on the advisory committee for the showcase. Young has published research on topics such as rock music history, the counterculture of the 1960s, communal living, music festivals, the politics of popular music, Christian rock, and the changing landscape of popular religious music. He specializes in American popular music and religion, concert promotions, artist development, semiotics, cultural history, and critical cultural theory.
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Music, American History, American Culture, Philosophy, Gender studies, Religion, Art, marketing, advertising


Music & Interests, Walt Disney, MLA Commons, MusicBiz, The Institute of Religion and Public Policy, Media and Marketing professionals worldwide


Appalachian State University

Young's initial foray into Music started at Appalachian State University, where he majored in music industry studies and minored in philosophy and American culture.

Washington University in St.Louis

Young delved deeper into American history and American culture studies. His thesis was on 'The Historical Jesus People Movement: Inclusion, Media, and Progression'

Michigan State University

Research areas: Music industry studies, religion and American culture, post World War II political history, oral history, semiotics, performance theory, the culture wars, the emergence of 21st Century global religious practices and ethical positions, and rhetoric.


3,693 Projects Completed

Young specializes in American popular music and religious music, artist development, and critical cultural theory. He is the famed author of the 'Gray Sabbath: Jesus People USA, the Evangelical Left, and the Evolution of Christian Rock' .Young has published research on rock music history, the counterculture of the 1960s, communal living, music festivals, the politics of popular music, and Christian rock


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Young has curved a niche for himself as one of the most sought consultants on religious culture and religious art. HE believes that spirituality and art philosophy are intertwined and one cannot exist without the other. young's unique view on spirituality gives him an advantage in literary discourse on philosophy, religion and art.


1,970 Projects Completed

Young does not shy away from discussing weighty political issues. His articles draw a link between people’s beliefs, lifestyles and the overall political environment. His research and publications have been referenced by many students delving into the murky world of political literature. Young believes that the dualism presented in American politics affects purchasing power, cultural trends as well as how the general population views foreigners.


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Shawn regularly produces hard-hitting and popular content for several news forums. He manages to maintain a difficult balancing act in his writing, combining well-developed academic analysis with updates into contemporary issues. Shawn never ceases to surprise with the great work he does. He is obviously very insightful, but in addition to that, he's professional, punctual and imaginative.


371 Projects Completed

Young is an excellent instructor and a passionate musician. He utilizes this passion and knowledge to instruct others to be better musicians and to be able to view music from his own perspective. His vast knowledge in his field of expertise and his approach in the art of teaching are unmatched.

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Young is an exceptionally bright, energetic, versatile and hard-working writer/educator who already has a wide variety of employment experiences. He carefully uses words to create imagery and this skill has proved vital in his various consultancy jobs advertising and marketing content created by other people. To say that he is good with words would be a gross understatement as he has consistently proved to masterfully create content that uplift those of others.

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